New shooter scifi game for PC

Aug 5, 2017
Elite has been around for decades. I played it when it was basically, wire frame polygons for ships and pixel dots for planets. Still was addictive back then. Looks absolutely gorgeous today.
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Looks gorgeous. Maybe I ought to give the base-game a try. I looked at some gameplay, a while ago. Might have to look, again.

I have a few games on my list of things to play, though.

Doing my playthrough of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, revisiting the trilogy, like an old-friend. And old-friend that got me into astronomy and sci-fi. :D

If anyone is interested, here's a link my Facebook "Gaming" gallery where I've uploaded a bunch of screenshots, taken either with BandiCam or with the in-game Photo Mode - which is a great new tool. Also have images from AC:Valhalla, some beautiful scenery, also from ME 1, 2. Currently on 2. And 3 will be in there, eventually. Some are great for desktop wallpaper. I went mental with them.

Might give ME:Andromeda another go. Only played it through once. It did feel like it was made by the B-Team, in a lot of ways, but the engine and environments still looked great and the ability to switch classes on the fly, plus flying with the jetpack, was definitely a great addition and some needed freedom of movement.

I have Osiris: New Dawn to try. It's gone through quite a bit of development since I last looked at it.

And I recently checked out Everspace and it's sequel, that's still a work in progress, looks very promising.

Outer Worlds was a disappointment. Thought it be better. Didn't even really check who the developers were, but when I talked to the first NPC, the camera immediately gave me Bethesda-vibes and I wasn't far off. Thought it'dbe open-world, which it was not. But, I digress.

And I digress, again...moving a bit away from sci-fi.

I also found a torrent for S.C.U.M. Game looks promising.
Gonna give Conan Exiles another go, as well. Some time.
I got this anime-like Scarlet Nexus downloaded, as well.
Some side-scrolling thing called the Eastern Exorcist that looks fun.
I have an urge to downloaded Cities Skylines for the 3rd or 4th time.

EDIT: Forgot to mention No Man's Sky. Pretty impressive, considering it wasn't made by some big company, as far as I know. Flying out from a planet entering the atmosphere of another and landing is spectacular, but the rest of the stuff, including enemies and NPCs and things to do in the environment gets sadly repetitive. Of course I'm not expecting any developer team, not even large ones, to create models of vastly different species and environments for every one of the literally hundreds of planets the player can visit.
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