New game from Digital Extremes: Soulframe


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Aug 17, 2020
A few hours ago during the Tennocon, Steve passed his role as the Creative Director of Warframe to Rebecca Ford and they presented a trailer for the upcoming game that he will be developing.
The name is Soulframe:

It seems the game is in the early stages of development and release date is still TBD, but there's already a website to sign up for updates and reserve a username:

Also hidden in the website is a small ARG, in which we found the first piece of the lore:

When day wrought night they did arrive
Not sea nor hoof but from the sky
Knight-maidens strong rode to face them
Yet not a sword was drawn
For within that night songs were cast
And we who heard them lost our past
Our virtues, love, and spirit fled
So hollow was the dawn
Now mothers send their children there
To ode'n castles crowning air
Returning spies to peel our thoughts
With souls so twisted wrong
New industry demands the Earth
Our verdant fields bled grey of worth
The beasts of feast now lost to famine
Great Alca's flesh stripped raw
While hope in us has come to rust
Strange kin remain with the Alca's trust
Cross distance shores old souls arise
Relic wolf and bear, and faun
Those we plundered now we seek
For ancient ties that withered weak
To cast a bargain entwining fate
And reforging honored bonds...
To the world.
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Jul 27, 2016
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My first impression there is more of a fantasy feel that is nice but unfortunately wasn't too impressed by the trailer. However good thing the helpful moose arrived to help on time :D

When playing warframe now just pop over for the daily rewards sometimes, or check in for the new story quest and everything else is more or less the usual.

With Soulframe why couldn't they just make a game about a moose that would of been more different. Who would connect to the soul of the other creatures and play as various types such as birds, wolf, bear, etc etc

To find ways to create types of totems with unique combination not only for the ceremonies also to connect to the mythical forms, even become them.

Some are more stronger at night and others better in the day i like the idea of technology and fantasy mixed. Since some technology could be effective in situations while the fantasy of say magic could work just as effectively in a different way.

What if you wanted to look futuristic and have the ancient powers of mystics and vice versa.

Hopefully the gameplay demo is more appealing when that comes out?
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