New Em-8er Build - Unreal Engine 5 NANITE test - FEEDBACK

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Jul 26, 2016
Greetings Reapers,

We have been testing the new technologies available in Unreal Engine 5. This latest build has some new nanite meshes to examine how they work in the world, and how they affect the communities ability to run the build on their home PC's.

So please, after checking out the build sound off down below and tell us your experience.


Jul 26, 2016
-The Tsi-Hu and Knee Biters have trouble navigating the Nanite Terrain, sometimes standing right outside the terrain like there's an invincible fence
-Going to a low ground level you can't see anything cause of the fog
-Going high up in the air makes everything Dark

The new Nanite Demo Runs 52% Slower Compared to the previous UE5 Build
*A thumper encounter on the nanite terrain causes a further reduction in performance I get around 45 FPS during Combat

Have a Beautiful Screenshot:
Screen .jpg
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Sep 1, 2020
FPS at base-not-Alpha: 50 FPS stable
FPS at Base Alpha: 30 without gunfire while flying with the base and players in sight, 25 FPS with gunfire and shenanigans
FPS at Thumber: 20 FPS with Tsi-Hu, strange white blocks floating about and the glory of the missile barrage. All done on a GeForce 1660Ti 6GB ram with every setting set on Epic and with GeForce WHQL driver 471.96
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Jan 6, 2021
getting 17 FPS on my RX 570 4GB haha (not the latest drivers)
3GB RAM usage is a lot considering the game is just rendering the terrain right now, no physics, no players, no flora, no weather.
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Nov 6, 2018
Ryzen 5 3600
16 GB 3600 CL 16 ram
gtx 1050ti

medium presets + low shadows got me 40-50. Low graphics just too ugly to even recommend and everything looks blurry as well.
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Apr 2, 2017
Lowest I can get is 16 fps. Usually high 20s low 30s. All Epic settings.
1060 gtx, i7-6700HQ
Aiming is a pain at 16 fps. :<

Are there plans to, in the future, have automatic data collection for these things?


Jul 29, 2016
"tell us your experience".. ok
so its not about FPS and more about "experience" ?

--- every time im start with checking download section for new build
and EVERY TIME it so goddamn confusing
in wall of pointless text i search region names - then i remember about "latest" TAG
and i see 2 "latest" on screen - No Date release time - No version numbers - its a mystery
So i go back to Discord and Forum only to understand "which build is ACTUALLY LATEST".. or final

This time i found 3 forum thread and links on discord and 2 builds with almost same description
ONLY AFTER i read forum messages for more understanding
i choose build with "nanite" word (as guess)

its always my EXPERIENCE with em-8er pre-alpha
(and i will remember this for years - no matter how i love firefall and em-8er)
Just add Date time or "pre-alpha number" like v1, v2, v27 OR SOMETHING
(im not even talking about - stuff like this should be in separate section with giant buttons)
(anyone can do this without any web-design experience...)
(it just shows what everyone working on preparation for kickstarter campaing - i understand)
(but nobody cares or remember about this download links and how EVERY player experience this)

--- looks like it was right build.. next steps
3440x1440 - gtx2070 - i7 3770 3.4GHz - 16gm RAM - all settings maxed
first thing i feel and check after login is mouse sensitivity
it much better after all builds but still not suit for my mouse so i open ESC menu
Then i changed it - notice apply and "accept or something" button
This is annoying - but for pre-alpha its totally ok

--- without DLSS environment rocks from unreal demo drops FPS to 30-35
But current DLSS implementation IS MAGIC
It work SO GOOD!
Even heaviest scene gives very smooth playble 70FPS on DLSS performance mode with ok image
Which makes this DLSS feature is most important for me in ALL graphics settings
because "experience" is most important thing for player!

it means - even if full game will be build with poor optimization with heavy art assets
DLSS still makes this game fully playble and enjoyble for me (with great image)

--- Next step was thinking about "whats new in this duild"
or course there is no information inside build................
AND outside build was hard to find too
For example Desction of build "[LATEST] Nanite Test Build UE5 - This is an experimental build of Em8ER utilizing Unreal’s Nanite mesh system to allow us to render millions of polygons in realtime. This is not indicative of the final product. This is just a test of the experimental release of the Unreal 5 engine. "
Have ZERO words about new thumper mechanic

--- so i check nanite rocks.. its of course awesome - small details so natural and realistic!
cough.. im sure game will have different stylized art style
but i really love this "rough and metal" materials - it feels good

--- I tried to call thumper and get bug with "other thumper is too close"
i was ready to close demo and forget - but with second change for demo
tried mining in different location
(I really wanted to test thumper with enemies on nanite rock - fail - disappointment)

--- at gliding notice new particles which is good but
all particle flying to center of camera - so you cant see shit.. i mean anything - very annoying
im sure this particles should be at sides of screen Around of "certer tunnel view"
( 101 of game design )
next i glide down to "height atmosperic fog"
this is wheres fun begins for me!

--- inside of Fog with gliding particles
i finally get feeling of Cold snowy place which Grummz talking about so much
(really - only ice material for terrain and some ice rocks will be enough for a feel of actual game)

--- Then i drop Thumper and was surprised to new Vertical giant portal
it get me 5-10 second to understad "what this green circle effect is.."
Falling rocks is awesome (but not notice "how they fall" - like they teleport)
(and sound of rocks is too lound)
but ideas of vertical portal and falling is amazing! i love it (very imerssive)
(reminds me portal VFX from "tomorrow war" movie - it does not matter)
Enemies falling too! and AROUND - which is also very nice idea - feels good!

--- with small enemy at close and shooting enemy at far
it was first time i using both weapons for different tactics
Demo is Finally feels like a proper game with a fun gameplay!
and it was in plane terrain with checker material
but still - gameplay was fun enough to capture me
without proper graphics and other important stuff

And i love this specific gameplay formula with tactic battle over large open area
other PVE games just do not have anything close to it...

PS. in the end I was left in a good mood
Nice mix of gameplay and portal VFX ideas was enouth to
cover any frustration before
That was my
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Apr 13, 2021
Intel Core i7 6700K 4 GHz
16 G RAM
nVidia GTX 980ti

~35 FPS when not looking at Nanite Terrain
18-25 FPS when moving around Nanite Terrain

I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to scroll up in the in-game chat window


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May 3, 2020
I have not been in a few demos for awhile but WOW was i amazed when i popped in this latest demo! :D

First off, logging in? the login screen alone gave me that nice experience

Out of habit the first thing i did was glide! (got to admit one of my FAVORITE things to do!)
and that's when the brightness it me *hiss the sun!*
(I understand if the brightness is a testing/ temporary thing, but assuming itll be that bright noon at someone in game figured it be important to mention a few things!)
brightness comments o_O
-Gliding trails: they are almost to bright and with how close to the screen they are it was definitely off putting at first
-The lights on frames, geesuits, Tsi-hu look amazing up close! just not from far away as they become an absolute BEAM of radiant light lol

The looks :cool:
-I looked in the menus today and lemme say, they got an uplift and they look AMAZING!
-While flying i LOVE the new lil line effects (I see they got updated form before!) and somehow i love them even MORE! but, with the lil puffs of smoke while gliding, i get it but seems a *little* out of place, and when turning you can see it just follows your mouse, which is a little bit weird to me, but otherwise i still enjoy the extra details!
-The fuel/HP bar compared to the plasma cannon energy storage bar (man am i GREAT WITH WORDS TODAY!) seems a bit fuzzy or stretched out... would be cool if they were crisp and clean as well!
-When shooting Tsi-Hu during a T.H.M.P.R encounter i noticed the blood has a yellow glow to them, and it really gives them that alien feeling and reminds me of the amazing background work on the wallpapers on the site! c:
-not sure if its just my computer? but when i look off into the horizon outlines of mountains, and i jump/move my mouse, the mountains get a bolder black line outline to them, seems interesting not sure what causes it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
^note on the fancy land i got between 80-90
^checkered land i got between 100-110

The sounds:eek:
-sadly, the ambient background music still cuts out and loops, or im just listening too closely xD
-alright so this is going to sound silly but the walking sound effects are AMAZING, i can tap my w key to walk slowly and once i finally take that step, the step sound actually plays, that IS AMAZING.

Feeling/other :)
-sadly the whole green/red skin according to others screens are still diffrent :c, I'm red while im green on another's computer.
-tiki towering on the textured flooring (aka not the texured one? xD) its very hard to move with your fellow reapers on the head ;C just tryna assert dominace w/ da homies B)
-player tab seems broken :c, sucks as i rely on that a bunch to see whos playing in the demo with me
-keep pressing 2 for that nice missile activation sound effect spam (to be annoying to yourself lol)
-i had about 110-130 fps walking around the map, but about 30-40 while fighting in the T.H.M.P.R instance, on epic settings tho probably could've affected it.

ALSO I JUST WANNA APPRICIATE THE LIL MOSS DETAILS ON THE ROCKS. GIVE A LIL LOVE TO MY MOSS BOIS. (i got way to much joy spotting moss on the ground lol)
Also i apprciate the logos to find the bases, but honestly, it looks like a slice of cake and now i want some cake xD


If you need me, heres my discord tag!
Likes: Wyntyr
System Specs:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
Installed RAM: 16.0 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Motherboard: SABERTOOTH Z87
GPU: Radeon Vega Frontier Edition
Monitors: ASUS VG248 and DELL U2312HM

All done with "Epic" settings turned on.

Time 4:00pm EST
-FPS stayed at a solid 60-70 FPS solo just after Twitch stream with Memory at 10% GPU at 100%
-Cannot deploy THMPR near nanite meshes.

Time 9:03pm EST
-Currently standing between 21-25 FPS with 100% GPU and Memory at 30% with multiple users logged in.
-Audio does cut in and out inconsistently and movement is jerky at times.
-Cannot deploy THMPR near nanite meshes.

Fog is a little strong, but works very nicely with the THMPR battles. Otherwise the UE5 build looks great and I'm looking forward to future releases!

Edit: Looking at the meshes drops my FPS to 20 and looking anywhere else brings it up to a consistent 40 with at least 4 people playing.
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Jun 9, 2020
I've had to drop the quality settings from medium to low.
This isn't even just around nanite, and it's now *barely* playable on medium with no other players
I assume this may be due to lumen
The frame counter said 30-40 fps looking at nanite even with other players during CC but it was stuttering so badly I couldn't even look around

Ryzen 5 3600, GTX 950
----- UE5 -----
  • medium:
    • looking at distant terrain: 50 fps
    • looking at near terrain: 100 fps
  • low:
    • distant: 70 fps
    • near: 230 fps
----- Nanite -----
  • medium:
    • distant terrain: 20 fps
    • near terrain: 30 fps
    • looking at nanite: below 10fps
  • low:
    • distant terrain: 74 fps
    • near terrain: 180 fps
    • looking at nanite: 20-40 fps


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu

I like the glow on the suit but the meks have abit too much glow to their heads and some of the tsihu can be too bright & also the glide trail.

The fog looks very cool and it gave me a sense of a strange place i bet something could be hiding in the fog!

Looks nice notice the shadows much more this time.

My fps is 70-98
My fps when thumping & enemy spawn is around 70 - 80ish usually

I have kept my setting at all medium and using a gtx 1070 graphics card and the screen resolution is 1920x1080

The performance for me was nice, and feel this is a good step towards more improvement!. :cool:


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Nov 16, 2018
1030, it launches and looks fine.

- I struggle to get 10 FPS on medium
- 15-20 FPS on low
- I once stopped and where I stood, my left foot kept rotating with this odd occasional twitch.
- "another thmpr is nearby"
- The white text needs a backdrop or outline so it's visible

This kind of background is unacceptable. This bright misty layering effect is why I quit playing WoW. It ruins my vision.



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Jun 9, 2020
Since there's a lot of complaints about glow, etc... (I agree)
I thought it may be worth pointing out for people that missed CC that the render backend was changed to lumen and some of the visuals need to be redone
Don't worry, it'll get fixed


Jan 30, 2017
It looks really nice, the terrain from where you start with the suits and you're ship looks really cool,looks like your on the moon.

Unfortunatly as nice as it looks I have had a drop in frames like most. I sit on 17fps at the highest and the lowest it reached was 9fps at one point.

I'm running with a GTX 1050Ti, 16 GB Ram also the same as @Gigabear


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I have noticed when sometimes logging back into the demo it would sometimes not show me the nanite mesh surface.

After looking back, last time it was missing and after checking again this time my fps had reduced even more!


Fps 46-50 without the enemy spawn and thumping in the different servers.

A login that didn't show nanite mesh surface.
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