Navel and your favorite games.

Discussion in 'Naval Navel Command' started by Terricon4, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Ok, how about a navel thread specifically for gaming related stuff? Art can be either from in the game, fan art of the game, or a nice reference to the game (not every game that we'll love has navel in it after all.... so sad). And also with a simple enough rule, all posts should include the name of the game (or if its a reference, you can leave it out for a bit to see if other can guess it, but try to remember to edit it in later).

    For example.

    Screenshot: Metal Gear Solid5, Phantom Pain. Quiet. (Currently still playing this one a lot)

    Fan Art: World of Warcraft, Blood Elf. (Have a lot of good memories from playing a paladin in WoTLK)

    Reference: Darks Souls, doesn't have an actual character from DS in it, but makes a pretty clear reference. (I don't know how many times I died in DS.... but it's a lot)

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