My 3D work [+Half Life mod]


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Aug 4, 2019
HEYO my fellow Kaiju slappers, I'm a 3D modeller, animator and texturer, as it was recommended for me to post here in this section, here's some of my works, my prime works are for an upcoming black and surreal comedy mod for Half Life, called HU3-Life.

My main programs are Maya LT 2016 for the entire 3D workflow, Photoshop CS and Substance painted for texture creation and editing. I also have a bit of knowlegde in Unreal 4 with BP, but it's been quite a time i've last used and I'm currently thinking of switching to Godot.

I'll start with the Customs Carnivore Plant, this will work in a similar manner to Barney AI in the original game. Only its tie model and the shoes with edited textures are reused from the original scientist.

Blue Peacock

Why a peacock? Why? Because I love these long wheelbase birds.

It was quite a work to do the whole process, here's a trivia, Half Life doesn't support alpha textures on both sides, instead, I had to duplicate the feathers (the model is divided by two files actually, HL engine supports up to 4k vertexes in a single file). Learned a lot of editing stuff in Maya with the body rigged (there's a combine command line for that, don't use the traditional one) and with mixing the photoshop layer effects.


A Broom that can be used as a weapon, enemies can be thrown very far by its alt attack.

Spray can

Used for for fun, you can paint walls with


A portmaneau of Taurus and Corno (cuckold), we hate this manufacture, and the police definetely despise them, their original projects such as the PT 24/7 are unreliable, with cases of the gun firing just by shaking it, it made few injured officers, and this issue has even plagued in US, where they were ordered to pay millions in compensations.

It was the first time i've used Substance Painter and Designer in a model, quite tricky at first, but I loved the results, had to do some normal mapping tricks to get a good baked result.

And here's the latest trailer with some of my work.

Buick Roadmaster Estate 90-96

Made for a GameJam back in 15, made this in less than 72 hours, love this car.

WIP: Ford Taunus TC3/Cortina MK5-TF

Here's a long time project, the God Emperor Taunus demans worship (jk), it started back in september 2017 (yeah, I know), around march-april last year I realized that there was mistakes on its blueprints, it was actually some sort of frankentsein based on the TC2, and had to redo the body all over again, but this time I decided to take the pictures of the brochures, make a blueprint draw over them, and adjust over the time, in order to have a close to perfect match (we don't have this car in Brazil), and also proportionally in its sides. Unlike a typical model, this one is also going to feature the panel cuts.

The reason why the progress is slow, its because i'm doing it sporadically, for example, i haven't touched it for two weeks, ever since I came back to model stuff for the HU3-Life Mod.

Notice, all is WIP, so there are going to be a few hitches in even in old finalized parts.

(only three images as i've reached the limit)