Mounted weapons and layered armor


Aug 14, 2016
This thread is about mounted weapons and layer armor. The ones that attached to the body of the mecha itself but not really apart of it. So lets talk about the different kinds of weapons and armor, where they could be attached to, and how they could be used. Also do you think we should have the ability to drop the weapons and armor at will to allocate resources elsewhere? Or do you think we shouldn't be able to drop weapons at all, but still like the idea of being able to allocate resources on the fly?

Note to keep in mind. Just because I might list a lot of things doesn't mean I want to use them all at once. Because I think size, mass, and power usage matter. So those things can be used to limit how many things a player can attach to their frames.

As some of the people who seen me on Discord know, I want a large powerful back-mounted long range energy cannon. Think what would happen if a sniper rifle and one of the main cannons on a battleship had a baby, and you'll get an idea of what I'm thinking about. To balance out the fact that it is so powerful there is a long recharge time (only able to fire once about every 5 to 10 minutes.) and has a massive recoil that can make your omniframe slide backwards as you are fighting it unless you anchor yourself to the ground first (part of the reason why in some games and anime some mecha have spikes on their feet and legs or they shoot out self drilling and grappling anchor lines into the ground and surrounding area to hold them in place because recoil from the energy beam of the gun acts like powerful thruster.).

I would also like homing missile pods for my missile boat build. So the option to have missile pods on my shoulders, my back, and my legs would be great. Missile pods wouldn't have much of an power drain on your frame, but their size and mass could limit movement. (Also I would like to have the roboteching trope in the game just to have the missiles go on crazy trajectories and fly in odd patterns before they get to the target. But I'll be ok even without the roboteching because that is more of a matter of style than anything else.).

Large powerful speakers that can be used for sound based attacks. Going by what sounds I play I can draw agro from the enemy, or debuff them by effecting their origins (like vibrating their eyes to lower their aim or messing with their inner ear to throw off their balance), or even killing them (by sending out pressure waves powerful enough to stop them from breathing or even making some of their origins like the brain detach and rip itself apart.). I could also use the speakers to help look for resources in the ground by sending out vibrations to ping pockets and veins. Or I can use the pressure waves to break rocks and ice and make small earthquakes. They have light mass but they drain a lot of energy when in use. They are also short range weapons in the same vein as shotguns, as the pressure waves lost power as they spread out.

Also I like the idea of being able to drop / purge the attached weapons and armor from the omniframes at will. This would make the frames smaller and lighter allowing us move with more freedom and to allocate more energy to movement speed and channel extra energy into melee attacks. As well as to divert power to say healing and life support, or to energy shields, or into energy weapons.
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