Monday, Oct 1 Em8ER Update - New Wallpapers


Ember Dev
Jul 25, 2016
Hello, fellow Emberites!
First up, we have a new set of wallpaper and poster downloads for you, based off Em-8ER concept art! Take a look at these and download the super high rez versions for free from the Em-8ER portal! Each download helps test our download system for perk distribution, such as the upcoming Art Build. In the near future, newcomer and M3 backers will be able to access the Em-8ER vision doc PDF through this system, so please help test. If you are not a newcomer pack backer, you can still purchase them from the portal or e-mail [email protected] to purchase via Paypal.

Art Build - Update

We've been making good progress on the art build, which will be delivered to all eligible backers soon. We did encounter some delays, as we had a broken tablet that had to be replaced for our modeler and a bad case of the flu. But despite this we've been working hard to deliver a build that contains:
  • THMPR mining mech DONE
  • Human Male DONE
  • Human Female DONE
  • Medium Omniframe (Needs Low-Poly, Texturing)
  • Tsi-Hu Humanoid DONE
  • Tsi-Hu Beast Form (Needs Low-Poly, Texturing)
  • Category 1 Kaiju boss DONE

This is a huge accompishment for Em8ER, to have the full set of character models needed for the Playable Mockup prior to Kickstarter. We decided to avoid posting any work in progress screenshots, so that the art build will remain a surprise in terms of the final results. In hindsight, this is a huge number of models for any demo, but we feel it was all necessary to complete the basic THMPR encounter we intend to show off. The good news is that these are nearly done and backers will be able to download this lineup of epic characters soon.

We've also started to do our motion capture tests. We did a session last Thursday that went well. The suit is working and we will be using the motion capture to help drive some new code we are working on, called motion matching. Motion matching allows us to save a lot of time hooking up animations to characters. Combined with motion capture, we will successfuly complete the huge amounts of animation for the demo in a much shorter period of time. Motion matching is cutting edge stuff, so far only used by a handful of AAA game companies. We're excited to bring cutting edge animation technology to our little indie game!

That completes this week's update. Thanks again for all your support. Once we ship the Art Demo, we are well on our way to having the playable THMPR encounter!


Kaiju Slayer
Max Kahuna
Jul 26, 2016
Off-topic question but is their a functioning build yet?
No playable builds yet. That will happen with the Vertical slice / THMPR encounter that will be released prior to the Kickstarter. This update is a step towards the playable build.

The art demo will be the first of three release 'milestones' prior to the kickstarter. This will be followed by the Omniframe movement demo. And the last one will be the Vertical Slice, which is a playable mining encounter where backers of the game (who have access to the mockup build) can log in, hop into their omniframes, mine resources using the THMPR while defending it from waves of enemies and Kaiju, and then escort the THMPR to base / dropoff point. All the asets in the art demo are built for the Vertical Slice.

On-topic: Looking great. Feels good to know that we are so very close to seeing the results of over two years of work. From a speculative video and petition to a solid 'universe' and full blown art assets, I think this is relevant here:

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