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Where to start, lets see first and foremost I enjoy modeling stuff. Mainly making 3d models primarily of hard surfaces like robots, buildings, space ships, and tanks, but I also do some organic stuff and creatures from time to time. I also enjoy designing and concepting stuff out, from how something would be visually to how it could be implemented in a game from a mechanics perspective to how you'd actually make it work on the functional side. I kind of consider myself a jack of all trades, now starting to include some blueprinting (UE4 visual scripting) experience as well.

I like the idea of ember, and loved Firefall. So hopefully Em-8ER will turn into something that I'll love to play in the future and should I be able to make it come to pass all the quicker or with my own little additions in it then all the better!

Here's a compilation of various things I made and messed around with in UE4 relating to Em-8ER.

And here's some random other stuff I've done related to Em-8ER.

And some gun ides from a month or so back when I started the omniframe (some details a bit out of date after more recent announcements/Q and As.)
Flak Cannon that fires about 2 shells per second, after around 30 feet the shell explodes into a narrow 20 degree cone shotgun like blast of mini explosive projectiles. Main shell pierces through targets it hits before detonating for medium dmg out their back, so getting the range right is key.

Assault Rifle, a big solid looking gun with decent accuracy, good rate of fire, and the ability to be used in one hand on heavy frames (maybe medium).

Cannon, fires an explosive projectile at very high velocity, slow fire rate with high recoil that knocks you back a bit when airborne. Four shot reload. A small tank cannon if you will.

Auto shotgun that fires a rack of giant brick sized canisters one at a time throwing out a truly hellish pile of metal. Blocky and loud.

Electrically fired gun, extremely high rate of fire and fairly accurate but only has short burst duration before a long reload as you replace a massive brick magazine that's half the gun. Extreme burst damage, not as competitive in total damage over time.

Flamethrower, big long gouts of flame that coat the target area for awhile. Potent but relatively low range and ammo. Great for defense crowd control since it sets the ground on fire though.

Minigun, a gun with a massive ammo drum/pack that fires accurately at range with solid power. Short spin up time, slight hit to move speed/jet speed.

Charged laser, a gun that you charge up, and after three seconds of charge is full, and after four will overheat venting the charge (and ammo consumed in the process). It's a big powerful laser that penetrates targets and produces a small AOE on anything it hits if you maxed the charge, like an oversized Spartan Lazer from Halo. Can be fired before fully charged but does less damage.

Railgun, a large high powered high velocity rifle that when fired can half spin a light frame around if it's airborne but is virtually hitscan and packs one hell of a punch. Penetrating projectile.

Rocket launcher, a large rotary rocket launcher that fires a series of rockets with a good rate of fire and good dmg and decent AOE, but slower than normal projectile and with a small magazine.

Missile pod. A large arm mounted pod of tiny missiles that fires small missiles at a high rate of fire dealing light dmg and small aoe. You can activate the alt fire to give them a laser that the will redirect towards allowing you to steer them after firing. Holding primary and alt fire at the same time will quickly prepare all of your missiles and upon being released all prepared missiles will fire off at the same time towards the point targeted at that time (this swarm can't be steered). It will be relatively slow to arrive as they spin around pointlessly on their path but the swarm will deal considerable damage over a larger area when they arrive after the delay.

Bolt thrower, an industrial looking gun that fires metal rods at targets for high single target damage at a medium rate of fire. Should have a very satisfying "kathunk" sound when it fires.

SMG, a "small" machinegun that can be dual wielded even by the light frames with ease. They have a high rate of fire and a decently large magazine letting them shred smaller targets quickly, but they're accuracy isn't great so you'll want to get close to really use them well.

Seismic Hammer, a large possibly rocket/explosive powered hammer that can be slammed into stuff and produces a small AOE wherever it hits (proper collision on the full swings arc, so you can hit multiple targets and not just the one you aim at).

Heavy shield, a large solid shield that goes on your off arm that covers a decent part of your frame from enemy attacks. Shots that hit it deal only 20% dmg or something. Since it will block part of your screen when in first person the inside of the shield has a series of screens that show what's on the other side of it but with a slight visual degradation/staticy look. When equipped your default melee (used if you have guns/ranged weapons normally) will be the shield bash instead knocking back nearby enemies and dealing slightly more damage. Still no hammer or sword, but better than hitting someone with a fist or gun.

Chainsaw, because these will never go out of style. A large thick blade with spinning teeth on it that you can quickly hack and slash with.

Lightning gun, an accurate hitscan type of weapon that hits the target with a bolt of lightning that can ark to nearby targets (so bigger and better than the UT2004 lightning gun).

Anomalous experimental weapon, you honestly don't know how it works or just what's going on, but a weird type of spacial distortion was generated in a lab once that while reproducible nobody could explain just what was going on. Being humans we of course put this tech into a weapon and created a gun that fires small orb like holes in space that upon hitting any solid matter produces a large AOE effect that will ignore any intervening cover and simply harms everything in that area. Slow projectile, short range (aoe/projectile gets smaller as it moves further through the atmosphere) and medium rate of fire. Great for accidental suicides.

Mortar, a blocky and bulky weapon that fires an explosive projectile with a decent arc on it. Very large aoe, medium rate of fire, only three shots per reload with a long reload time.

Mine Launcher, fires pointy mines that embed themselves into the target surface at high speed with a slight arc. Mines explode with a medium AOE upon anything getting close to them. Direct hits deal bonus damage and gib target on death (if applicable). Medium to slow rate of fire, six or so shots. Even with direct hits less DPS than rocket launcher or cannon, but not by a lot and the ability to group up multiple mines offers great utility.

Repair gun, fires a package of repair bots and supplies at the target at decent speed. Upon hitting a friendly it will break apart and apply a heal over time (and possibly some ammo). On an enemy it breaks apart and applies a damage over time. And upon hitting the ground it will sit there with a green blinking light and heal the first friendly that steps on it (ignores enemies now), or disappear after 10 seconds (blinking intensifies near the end to signal time).

Gauss rifle, produces a magnetic field and fires a large concentration of radiation down it. Any surface caught in it's path will be torn apart with the broken up matter pulled back towards the weapon. Produces a distorted shimmer down the line of fire when nothings being hit, and a colored effect of plasma being sucked into it when hitting a target. Fired as a continuous beam, with each second of the gun being held on a target giving back two thirds the amount of ammo it consumed to the current charge allowing the gun to be fired for long periods between reloads if the user is accurate. Medium/short range, decent dmg, medium sized magazine (say 6 seconds of fire) with a medium to long reload time and a large total ammo capacity. Overall solid damage weapon for longer fights but lacks utility do to range, accuracy penalties, and lack of aoe.

Triple Barreled autocannon, fires small explosive projectiles at decent speed with a large magazine and good projectile speed. Very heavy weapon, slows the player.

Chemical launcher. A grenade launcher like gun that fires small containers of toxic chemicals that will explode on contact covering an area in damage dealing corrosive gases and such. Sets up damage over time in the affected areas, can reach out much more than the flamethrower, but has less damage. Weak against mobile enemies that can close distances quickly and get out of the gas since it doesn't apply a DoT on them but only hurts them while in its area. Direct hit with a canister will apply on hit damage and a DoT though.

Burst rifle, like the assault rifle but it fires an accurate burst of three shots each time.

Long rifle, a scope-able rifle that fires an extra high velocity projectile with decent damage and a good rate of fire. Twelve round magazine, accurate on the first shot but needs the player to hold a bit for the next shot to remain accurate do to it's rate of fire and recoil.

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Jul 26, 2016
man, you really are good at it!
keep up the awesome work, and (raises glass) here's to deserve it!


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This has captured my imagination with the epic music to add
sometimes seeing something move and all makes us understand a whole lot more!

I like the flying drop kick :cool::D
Though it does seem like many of those original animations I did for the THMPR are a bit out of date now since it's been decided as being smaller, and also towards the faster/smoother style in animation.

Also edited in the gun/weapon idea list I made like a month back when I started work on the omniframe.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Though it does seem like many of those original animations I did for the THMPR are a bit out of date now since it's been decided as being smaller, and also towards the faster/smoother style in animation.

Also edited in the gun/weapon idea list I made like a month back when I started work on the omniframe.
Even though its outdated its great reference to look back for inspiration and planning and for that its neat like a portfolio


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And because the first post can't carry any more.

Some boss ideas, still a bit vague do to uncertainties in exact Tsi-Hu tech and what all their local creatures look like, but some brainstorming ideas I had on ways to keep them from all just being big balls of health or too samey.
Em8er Bosses:
Giant flying creature that sails around raining balls of fiery/plasmaie death onto people/bases.
-Mostly just something players shoot at from the ground, it will rarely stay right over one area too long as it prefers to circle or fly out to other areas (It does not hover, it constantly has to be moving/flying/circling).
-If you do have a fast jet potent frame and can get up to it you can interact to do a shadow of the colossus style melee/cinematic gun attack on it as it's got an exposed reactor on it's spine. This can also just be shot at if you get above it, and does major bonus damage including dropping it's shield for a short duration after taking too much damage in a given duration.
-Has a pair of engine implants on its wings visible from the bottom and top of them. Shooting these will lower its speed and altitude making it easier to get above.
-Will try to run away after it takes too much damage, but it's flight speed will drop off after short bursts so players will be able to catch back up after it moves the area of combat.

Giant bipedal(ish) thing.
-Does massive leaps to get through he air from location to location, relatively agile, smashes the ground with fists and stomps and such. Also has fire breath or something to give it a shorter ranged attack.

Robot/creature swarm, a swarm of player sized robots/creatures that build something really big.
-The giant robot/creature has big ranged attacks mostly, very dangerous but also vulnerable to poke as it's individual parts easily get shot off.
-Once it loses to many smaller parts (just break them off with % of health lost or maybe by individual health and hit boxes) it breaks apart and now you have a swarm of these smaller targets flooding over the map towards players. They can creep up cliff walls, fly, and fire small particle guns that are semi slow projectiles. In this case they can move very fast and swarm players. Once you kill enough of the swarm they reform into a second stage of the the boss that's a smaller robot form.
-Rinse repeat for possibly a third stage.

Invisible hunter, probably humanoid with a tattered cloak covering most of it's body. Invisible or only seen as a slight shimmer where it appears.
-Can, to a limited extent teleport while cloaked. There is no visual for this, it's just to keep players guessing and on their feet.
-Not super aggressive, this guy likes to disappear and will wait till he can get a good hit in when possible.
-You start to see him as a shimmer if he gets relatively close to you, so if he's coming to stab you you can likely see him coming, he can't teleport to within 20 meters of a player by the way.
-His attacks do disrupt his stealth to a fairly large extent. You can also make it get disrupted and shimmer (to all players regardless of range) by attacking him.
-Relatively low health, and not much bigger than an omniframe. Very different pacing and feel from larger brutal bosses.
-A great boss to spawn when a swarm of enemy units attacks a base, since he can try to get inside and damage defenses or shield gens or stuff.

Long legged Pangolin like thing.
-can shoot spikes/scales at players all around it.
-Can curl into a ball and roll around, invincible while rolling but will uncurl if he can't hit anyone for awhile (time to jet).
-Can dig underground/burrow. Then can burst up elsewhere near some players.
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