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Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
This is very difficult to choose have to agree with most i am going to go why they appeal to me and the pros and cons.

+ = positives and - = negatives

13) She looks amazing and deadly at the same time so yes i get a saint seiya vibe from her
+ Armor
+ Accessories
+ Heavy weapon
- 1 leg may feel a chill

12) Shes another stunner and she gets into my list because of that cat !
+ Claws to rival even the wolverine
+ playful cat
+ Summer cat fashion
- May feel more cold on her rear

11) Her heroic stance and that her busty front could burst into action, all i know is she's high ranking
and messing with her could put you in some strange painful position unless you like advanced yoga
+ High Rank
+ Trusted side arm
+ Military captain fashion
- Exposed belly button could plant bug tracker

10) She has style and super smart she would blabber so much and we would
all look at her in a dreamy way until she slaps the pile of notes on your face "ok ok wake up did you understand all that" you slowly nod uh ah
+ Smart
+ Lab sexy fashion
+ Tests dangerous things to clear for reaper safety
- Lab coat could snag on a table and make her slide somewhere

9) The academy ladies know how to dress well in their iconic sporty gear the future stars of the reapers
+ Iconic Academy uniform fashion
+Sporty and athletic
+ Equipped with weapons for on the go
- Mini skirt may not protect from strong cold winds

(skipped 8) bunny girl she may be seen as a rabbit so we do not want any causalities!
sources say she's a party animal & has caused too many pilots to party to death !)

7) She is the law her armor proudly worn and her Sharpe focus in the way she looks, paired with the beauty of a motorbike, she will chase you down at all cost if you been a naughty one !
+ Impressive armor
+ Sexy motorbike
+ Police fashion
- Lack of weaponry but with her trusted bike is an unstoppable force (now i am thinking of street hawk)

6) She can survive many winters and the coldest of colds the snow wolf
+ Fluffy fashion
+ Super goggles to see in blizzards
+ Skilled snow survivalist
- Front upper regions could get cold if not careful

5) The red headed beauty she would wonder in the corn fields and relax after a hard days work of fixing and problem solving.
+ Engineer smarty pants
+ Firey hair and cute
+ Super tough augmented arms
- Tummy is exposed and front upper region she like to rub her tummy after a good meal

4) The abs of steel, the fashion shades, is she a track star is she a model hmm
+ Abs of steel
+ Strong legs & when its time to move she moves
+ Athletic fashion
- Tummy exposed and front upper region she may like the suns rays on her tummy and front as a low tech way of cooling

3) The mysterious hunter her mask glows interlinked to her hightech suit
+ Powerful arm cannon
+ Sexy Assassin fashion
+ Equipped with other gizmos
- 1 leg exposed, 1 arm and front upper region could track her heat signature easier

2) The goddess with information at her finger tips
+ Incredible energy at her disposal
+ Op-Ai sexy angelic fashion
+ Providing information
- Hacks and energy surges could cripple her and pilot could be more distracted if not careful

1) Not your ordinary pilot shes armored in a sleek and beautiful way
+ Calm and collected perhaps a sniper
+ Supports and provides with needed ammunition if required
+ Stealthy suit
- Face may be easy to track if not careful

After more magnification and pondering categorized it like this:

Sexy Sexy
2), 3, 4), 5), 6), 8), 11) ,12)

Professional sexy
1), 7), 9), 10), 13)

Just pick one you say just one............ drawn to 7 but but i want all of them to join eventually :D

ok lets next see the husbandos too OKAY


Jan 30, 2017
Their "builds" all kinda look the same,
would have loved to see more variety in terms of general shape,
not only in the "textures" put over them.
Yeah, this almost made it feel like a bit of a non-choice.

I also went with #4 and I have to admit, I was surprised to see that Team Abs is winning. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more love for the good doctor, tho'!


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
This is an ab wash, our bikers have fallen the abs is getting far too strong :eek:

We demand a recount by officials of the Reaper Council, and us so that it is possible to sabotage COUGH... i mean make it fair :)

Sneaks of to make another 100 alts, whistles o.o

Meaning while & So far in MISS REAPER UNIVERSE

Numero Uno: Absy abs lady No 4

Secondry Deux: Kitty Cat No 12

Third Absurd: Lab coat Lady No 10

Eight face 3 way show down: Lucky No 7 vroom vroom Lady, Academy sporty lady No 9, Viking warrior lady No 13

What will happen, who will win, the race is hotting up and your VOTES count!

Pssst Vote no 7 :cool:
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