Maximum online users of Em-8er discord server

I have collected the number of online Discord users in two months. Now I finally found time for this post =) I'm just curious how that number changes over the week. And what's the best time for the chief chat.

Here are the charts of December 2018 and January 2019, which show the number online for each minute. Sometimes I had connection problems or problems with the Discord server, so in some places you can see vertical lines. I have also deleted empty days on these charts. Time here is represented in PST (USA, California).


Below are the same charts, but with lines averaged over 10 minutes. And I have excluded all incorrect data here.
Interestingly, online on weekends is higher than on weekdays, but on Christmas Eve it's the lowest. Online New Year's Eve is also has a special look.


And finally, the last chart. Here online for each day of the week for two months was averaged. I excluded the holidays of 23.12. - 25.12. and 31.12. - 01.01. to get the average online for normal days.
If the robots take up our jobs, then online every day will look like a golden Saturday line =)


So, the biggest online on Saturdays. Perhaps the best time for the chief chat is from 13:00 to 15:00 (PST). It's a bad time for Asia (India, middle of Russia, China, and so on), but I think for the sake of the chief chat it's possible not to sleep one night at the weekend. ;)

Here's an example when it's 13:00 in California in winter and summer:

I'd be glad if anyone was interested. :)
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