Mass enemy movement


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Nov 16, 2018
I propose two kinds of movement for two scenarios: Flock (bird) and school (fish).

Flock movement is done when the whole of the group is moving together. A lead is chosen, and the mass of units follows roughly behind it in a fairly-stable pattern. The leader chooses paths, and the followers take a most-optimal-yet-unoccupied path to stay close. This could work for general patrols as well as having the mass aggro to some specific unit or location. Unit intelligence for most of them would be dumb; it's the lead which understands the surroundings. The rest understand the lead for direction and speed, their immediate terrain for pathing, and one another to maintain separateness.

School movement is an effect where if one of them is hit, the rest flinch and scatter momentarily. If one is killed, then the scatter is wider or for a longer duration, and perhaps the head will flock the mass to the aggressor or perhaps a new nearby head will split the mass into a second flock toward that particular aggressor.

I think mimicking nature for the mass bird/fish reactions would make enemies seem eerily familiar.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Could the A.I compile a list of various movements /strategies and decide which is best for the current situation? Also in those higher difficulty areas would there be self learning A.I's to a certain degree so that selected one's behave more sharper and challenging so we could need more Reapers to take it down.

I also wonder if Dev's would have control of enemy npc's just like in the events in firefall and create some more unpredictable scenario when needed.
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Aug 14, 2016
I just want to say one thing. In swarms there is no leader. The idea of there being a leader of the group is just a false human idea. Real swarms just follow a few basic rules. 1) stay close to those around you. 2) enough space between you so you can move freely. 3) try to stay in the safest part of the group. Some times there is a 4th rule and 5th going by the swarm is made of, but those 3 rules exist in all of them.