Mask-helm (Art idea)


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Nov 16, 2018
Just spitballing.

I was thinking about hair and helms. While not a gameplay problem, I think this is an interesting art angle to explore.

For example, a 3/4 helmet with a back end that closes when donned, or a half/helm that closes when pushed onto the face.

The same high-tech would work with various hair styles like a ponytail or bun.


Aug 14, 2016
I also liked making characters with open helmets that with moving parts. Mostly with eye guards that moves up and down (I really like the styles that make it look like I have 4 eyes. But given how I often play as stealth units and snipers the extra false pair of eyes that on my forehead are often things like scanners and range finders.). And I also like having helmets with mouth plates that open and close like one Optimus Prime has when he goes into combat mode.


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Jul 27, 2016
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I like to imagine my hat first retracted then extends out appears followed by the face mask and visor but these options can change if you just want only the hat and e.g half mask or which ever that way can have that ideal style your after.

My only thought would be the hat be ok inside the mek and not poke out of it unless it was too big.


Aug 14, 2016
Personally, I like my head gear to also be able to do something other than to hide my hair and/or face. After all, in real life there are some hats you wear to help keep you cooler while out in the sun and other hats you wear to keep you warm while out in the cold. I wear a hardhat/helmet to protect my head, I wear goggles or eye shield to protect my eyes, I wear a face mask to stop me from breathing in harmful things. And so on, and so on. One of the things that always bugged me in games is that my character could be wearing a type of gas mask (some of the characters I make need to wear them both for the type of work they do and because I can make it look good with their cloths/armor set) and for some unknown reason they can still be damages and poisoned by breathing in toxic gas or spores. There has only been a handful of games that I ever played where non-armor based cloths actually helped with small effects. Like of course having your character wear sunglasses will reduce the effects light based attacks from blinding you. Yes, having your character where something like surgeon's mask will help you not be effect by the toxic spores plants give off. I feel that more games should remember that although style is important when letting people make characters, they also not forget that some types things people wear also have a function beyond just looking cool.
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