March 15, 2021: Impromptu Chief Chat Notes - "Tekwear is in fashion at New Copa!"


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Update via Impromptu Chief Chat in Discord:

Main Points
- New Male skin for this month, with a new, real-life, up and coming fashion called "Tekwear"! He has a sci-fi object which the artist said is to provoke interest in the character.
^ By new artist out of Russia (no Twitter handle yet).
- Bunny skin available for one more month - a double skin month!
^ The 3D model animation video will be relaunched with a new animation, soon!
- The ["Tsi-Hu Pew Pew" demo] test build is almost ready! The Tsi-Hu are firing back!
^ Nothing in this build is tuned yet. We’re making sure it works in multiplayer for backers; and then after that we start tuning.
- Keep an eye on email for a planned Chief Chat date!
- This build will be streamed on twitch!

General Points
- Considering NPCs - vendors, civilians (ones who are not in pilot suits) to wear designs like this month's skin.
- Thinking about what the default NPC Gatestrider population going to look like?

Techy Points
- The low poly sculpt is done for the human male! Now it’s ready for rigging.
^ Tweaking the final bake. Then it goes to riggers for rigging; which is adding those puppeteering controls for animation.
- When the human male is textured, image will be released.
- Work on the "HUB" demo is in progress. Grummz is making changes to the auth. server to support in-game chat.
^ Hub will be a block out gray scale.
^ Only high poly models for the hub demo
- Skin selection is working! (same system as switching green to red in test builds, but will be between outfits for HUB demo).
- High poly characters for photo mode, low poly for game.
- No dynamic scaling yet (for difficulty)

Fun Quotes
"There is no battle of the bulge." ~ Grummz
"Science is unanimous on the bulge." ~ Grummz

The EM-8ER Monthly Patron Male Skin ("Tekwear") March 2021
"New skin this month with a new artist and clothing style." ~ Grummz
New Artist:

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