M2 Backers - Missing your title?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    There are a handful of backers who are still missing their title. PM me and I'll fix it. Thanks!
  2. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    I missed the last crowdfunding campaign. Will more titles be handed out with the next one?
  3. Slumber K

    Slumber K New Member

  4. Vecchio

    Vecchio Emberite

    Mark, please let us know when and where we can donate to the game. I'm 62 and would love to see it begin sooner than later. Ya never know. LOL! :rolleyes:
  5. Astro

    Astro Gatestrider - Reaper Leader Omni Ace

    Checking for my title.

    Edit: Yay! :D
  6. BlackHorde

    BlackHorde Emberite

    Wish I got this like 2months ago, I had money to BURN on a Mark Kern's New Project. /cry.

    Can't wait to see the new concept and looks of EMBER, Thanks Mark Kern!
  7. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    Apparently i also missed this campaign. And its already over the limit, so im not inclined to jump on this now at 'closing time' so to say. But i WILL defo jump on the next stage!
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  8. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    I didn't get to fund it :eek:
  9. Naku

    Naku Deepscanner

    Checkign for title

    @edit looks like i dont have it... Dump question but how do i sen d PM's on this forum?
  10. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

    Click on his name above on the post. Click "Start a conversation" on the pop up.
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  11. Schuu

    Schuu Firstclaimer

    testing to see if i have my title

    edit: i sure do :)
  12. TroyUnwired

    TroyUnwired New Member

    The news of initial funding was so quiet. The message on the FireFall board was so late as well, kind of sucks. A lot of people became extremely inactive with FireFall after it died off. I am concerned with how the crowd-funding will work after the founder packs and such of FireFall.
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  13. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    I didn't fund the game but I want my own title. Something classy like Village Idiot or Creepy Neighbor.

    You could just go with Stalking Ronyn as a constant reminder that I am hiding in their bushes waiting to pounce.
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  14. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

  15. @Grummz would I be able to buy a title? You can even let the community vote on it (I don't mind what it says), I just want a custom one to stick out from the crowd :p
  16. Andronakos

    Andronakos Firstclaimer

    I'm wondering if these titles will be displayable in the actual game if/when it gets to a presentable state.
  17. Yum Yums

    Yum Yums New Member

    Are titles only earned through making a contribution? or just for signing up.
  18. Skrunken

    Skrunken Deepscanner Omni Ace

    Either i dont have it, or im just dumb and dont know where it is...
  19. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    no worries.
    Kern is going to crowdsource this.
    so there will be multiple times when a goal will be placed and money asked for that goal.

    Sort of forcing the development team to not get in way over their heads and develop too much too fast like Red5 did.
  20. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    I too missed the first round. Was inactive on Firefall forums cos everyone gone quiet.

    More heads up on next funding round please!

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