Long time Firefall player (4 years I think?) finally bought in..

Jul 29, 2016
Hey all!

I just bought my newcomer pack to support the game. I got that marketing email today (and I got sold -_- ) logged in and flew around for a bit and it's amazing. Love the progress and can't wait to see where it goes.

I've kept in touch with Faeryl since forever ago as we used to play Firefall non stop back in the good old days. Alongside DaddyDreadPirate, Wynter and few others.

Hope to see everyone back in the game full throttle when everything is ready to go. Looking forward to it!

(Also not sure about my forum handle since I'm a backer. I probably spent $2,000 on Firefall back in the day over that time. I expect I'll end up doing the same thing again sigh.. )