Kaiju Attacks: Where, and Warning Signs


Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
What should players expect as far as warnings of impending attacks? Are Kaiju going to instantly appear an arms reach from the walls, appear inside the bases, or march through some sort of designated perimeter?

How much warning are players going to have?

Will Kaiju be attacking "random" locations where player population is sparse or will the players have some control in strategic fronts to deny Kaiju spawn locations?

I recall in FF that the Chosen could land drop-pods almost anywhere which made player controlled territory a bit unpredictable. However this sometimes made keeping locations out of Chosen control to be tedious because their pods could land all the way across the region, again and again, causing players to spend a lot of time traveling and not a much time spent fighting.

I'm curious how people feel if Kaiju were able to appear in the deepest part of player controlled territory. Perhaps every once in awhile? Or never? And should players have some warning beforehand?


New Member
Aug 9, 2019
United States
They said that invasions are going to be frequent with small breaks in between. As for warnings go, I'm not sure if the game itself will have a counter or something. Maybe you can build some type of sensor relay to keep bases on their toes.

Also they said that it's running off an AI simulation and will strategically attack bases based on it's strategic value and other things. So I don't think it will be 'random' per say.


Aug 14, 2016
If humans have the ability to detect distortions in spacetime than it could be possible that an alarm would go off just before a rift opens somewhere. And then you'll hear someone at central command over the emergency channel telling everything where large scale distortions are taking place and/or the A.I. in your omniframe can tell you it can sense things like gravity distortions. Because any large enough object will have its own gravity field and so a rift opening leading to the kaiju's world would also have things like gravity waves seeping through the portal.