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    So ok I had to do hurt so hurt...

    so lets go back to the start....

    A number of years the early days of Firefall....I heard about this awesome game called Firefall. My friend who I hung with in gaming said man you gotta try this game....hes like...its stick with World Of Tanks n git good in that with him.

    And well he's like no gotta try I checked out what he was talking about...
    It was Firefall. I got hyped...I wont deny it...I got hyped. So he bought me the basement founders pack and got me into the alpha. I played the shit out of that game. this was pre-being on steam.

    I had probably over 4000 hrs in that game over 3-4yrs. Watching...waiting,,playing,,,hoping,,,.
    Then the day finally game....the day of the release....they ripped the guts out of it..turned it upside down and inside out into a game I no longer recognised...At this point id forgiven it alot...I had got my moneys worth for sure..(more precisley my friends money worth) but the day it went live I died a little inside.

    fast forward about 2-3yrs n i heard about this game Em8er, so after a little time browsing n check out the forum...I decided that since I had loved Firefall so much I would give it a run out because I loved it..and because what this project of EM8er is about.

    Instead of logging into my founder account I decided to make a new FF account and run it with fresh eyes, fresh charcter from a newbies perspective.

    After 2hrs I was in tears. I never thought a game could bring me to tears...of PAIN

    I did the new tutorial...not bad...much improved...I did the 1st mission & then it began..
    I completed it, it told me it was completed, I got the reward for it....

    BUT...the only way i can find out what the 2nd mission is,,is if I contact someone via mail in the game to get it cancelled off and moved on and there is no promise of it being fixed lol.

    I know all the devs apparntly quit lol but see what was once a great game like that fall so far was so painful.

    In summation.

    PLEASE.. Mark... I feel you read some of these posts... PLEASE for the love of god give me the game I was hoping for finally. I know you can bud please dont let another team break my heart again.

    Have a nice day and god speed Mark much love <3
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    *pats your back * There, there......Ember will save us from the ashes of Firefall!
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    I got a good feeling em8er is going to be a special kind of game prove me right please!
  4. SunderPlunder

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