Invert Mouse! (please)


Mar 1, 2017
It is great to see so many early demos available to backers. But I have not been able to enjoy them yet, since the camera control is in the opposite vertical direction from what I am used to. And there is no option to change it yet.

I think it should be a very quick feature to add, since it is supported by the engine. I do not mind if I need to edit a config file to enable it. Or if it is the default mouse mode ; )

Just to be clear, this is how I would like it to work:
  • Moving the mouse forward should result in the camera tilting forward.
  • In a 2D interface (menus etc.), moving the mouse forward should move the cursor up.
  • No special case for different vehicles, first person/third person views etc.
Please add this option when you have time. I am really looking forward to start testing the early builds.
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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
I personally never use it for run&gun play, but for the simulation aspect of Em-8ER an inverted mouse mode will be in high demand. As for third vs first person views, that will, for afact, be implanted. My guess is it is part of the gun test build. So expect it then.
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