Ingame Birthday wishes and other celebrations


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Ingame i think players birthdays could be celebrated it can be blasted out and appear on the screen today is blabla's birthday.

Then the tradition is to find blabla ingame and do stupid dances and Birthday blabla also receive a small gift from Em8er team e.g. can select between an upgraded item, small credit pack, skin etc

Perhaps these gifts are not tradable and locked to the account this way people will not make alts and misuse the generosity!

The npc could blast some confetti and a a little tune in a certain area because it is after all your birthday!

Another one is weddings and that is a big celebration if that was the case then this could be done in the sky city and big fireworks too for that occasion and a big dance event.

Then all big events and birthday pictures could be posted to see all the good memories too.

Anyways what do you think i think it would be good to have this and hope it is not tricky to implement!


Aug 14, 2016
In some games I played they had this thing called a party bomb. A player would get and throw it out somewhere. It'll blow up and rain down things like money and random preset boxes over a given area. The person who throws the party bomb can't pick up any of the or gifts, only players can. In those games it was always fun to just throw out a party bomb in the middle of one of the newbie areas and watch all the confusion it caused with new players who didn't know what was going on. Even more so if the player who was throwing out the party bomb was dressed up like Santa Claus or something.

But yea, maybe we could have some version of the party bomb in Em-8er. It is good way to get people to gather together to do things and to get them to run around looking for the gift boxes the spawned all over the place.