In game pop culture influence.

Aug 14, 2016
I made this thread while thinking about what types of books, movies, and shows the people of Em-8er would like. As story telling is a large part of human culture as a whole, be it fictional or nonfictional. And in what ways would pop culture influence the people of Em-8er? Just take a look at real life for example. How many lines from books, movies, and other stories do you know because of pop culture even though you yourself have need even seen or heard the work that phase came from? How many times in your life have you seen people use these cultural touch stones as a kind of shorthand to get across large ideas as quickly as passible? This is not even counting things like merchandising of all sorts, for example children's cloths and toys. Because this stuff doesn't exist in a vacuum and we have all seen those super fans of a work who'll take the time to try and build something from their favorite media in real life, even of such things don't exist... yet. So thinking about pop culture as being part of in the in-game lore could not only make the game world feel more alive, but could also give the devs and players more freedom in adding to the game that would feel out off place otherwise. For example, having mach parts and designs that doesn't seem the match the normal theme of the game being noted that they was made by a fan or group of fans of this famous iconic work of media. So besides being sharing ideas of in-game pop culture, we could also share ideas of how such things might effect NPCs, objects, and even players in the game.

For example. Let's say there is a really popular children's show that has been airing for decades. Long enough for the kids who grow up with the show to become adults and have kids of there own who might also like the show. And let's say there are mecha and robots as part of the casts of the show. Even of the designs of the mecha from the show would feel out of place in the normal day to day life of the people of Em-8er. And even more so in a time of war. There is a chance that someone would design and build a mech to look like a real life version of a character from the show. Not just because they personally love the character and/or show, but also because they want to give hope to people in a time of need.

The could also be hidden missions and quest in the game to build weapons and parts from some famous work of art for an NPC. And in the end they might give you a copy of the gear so you too can dress up as the character or pretend to have the same abilities of a fictional character.

A good example being. There is no real reason to make a flamethrower that looks like the head of a dragon that is attached to your arm when just normal flamethrower would do. But the psychological effects such a thing could have on both the person using it as well as the enemy is the real power behind such things. Not much different from things like nose art on fighter jets to look like things like sharks. And sure saying the famous line of the character before or after using the flamethrower doesn't do anything. It does help add to those psychological effects that such a weapon might have over the ones who are using and the ones who it is being used on.
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Jul 27, 2016
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There are many influences from the retro to the modern times.

My personal influences most are from:

- High tech gizmos and vehicles e.g. thundertank from thundercats, kitt from knight rider, etc etc

- Animated creatures e.g. Duck tales, Thundercats, Bonkers, Earthworm Jim, pinky & the brain, Heathcliff, Eek the cat etc etc

- Sounds from synth-wave, 80s to industrial and epic orchestra etc etc, i like the idea of a opening intro to the character e.g. when someone tends to drop down or pop out of a teleport there usually have an effect visually or some kind of sound effect.

I like the idea of small sound clips used for those purposes or when reading a pilots profile / datapad this to me brings more immersion of being in there kind of world such as:

This music makes me think of an activated first mech unit of GCSF in the sky city when things weren't the greatest and tsihu were more sneakier in the earlier encounters. How the area was defended in the sky city from pirates and other scums etc :D

Years back this wowed me made me think i could be in the mech sadly not but certainly in Em8er hopefully there will be Mech kind of music that make us feel all hyped and wow by that. Sure it is outdated, though the feeling i get at the time to be stomping around and using lasers saving stuff was nerdy and very fun :D

The music could be played optionally so it doesn't auto play because it might not be for everyone's taste!

- I would like to have a pilot just like my account avatar because then i can put some fun stuff for my ingame profile and make it sound as if i had come out from a gate and took a wrong turn to my world or that the tsihu were experimenting and some of us made our escaped etc etc.

Also seeing things that are non-human makes it fun thinking of all the great characters in sci-fi / fantasy and even in music there are some interesting ones.

I have probably gone off topic :O
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Aug 14, 2016
Kind of. I was thinking more along the lines of what would the NPCs be into and those things would effect their culture. And how could that bleed into some of the things we might see in the game. Be it odd things the NPCs say or do. Or even odd objects, weapons, and parts we might get.

For example. Lots of people never seen the classic anime Akira. But yet that still know of a famous scene in the movie just because that see references to it everywhere, even if they don't know that is where it came from. The scene being the famous Akira slide.

I'm not going to lie. I use to do that slide a lot as kid when on my bike. Not just because I seen it in Akira, but also because often times it was the fastest way for me stop when going at high speeds downhill and/or on loose ground.

But a great example of what I mean would be things like the fact that book titled "The Lusty Argonian Maid" is a book in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. As well as other books. Or like how the Pokedex in Pokemon often times has a lot of creepypasta about pokemon in it rather than facts about them.

Like what games do the kids of Em-ber play? What characters do they like to roleplay as and say they want to be like when they grow up? What myths and legends do the adults keep in mind as a guiding force in their lives? Who are the characters and actors that normal everyday people try to mimic every now and again?
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