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Nov 16, 2018
I'm breaking this off into its own thread.

I'm really not impressed...
Every one of those points is spot on.

These are valid criticisms largely correct because of poor developer communication. People, like myself, don't feel the same way because of a lengthy and involved participation with the community. This contrast is a very big problem.

Delays have had a reasons, often because of developer hesitation that's met with community pressure for change. I do feel like the timeline is being stretched out, that the communication is friendly and constructive but like a delaying tactic and there's a complete lack of official statements derived from recent not-concrete loose decisions.

It's also a problem that what's produced is unimpressive and uninteresting, and the shilling is completely out of hand.

Many of these problems are known and are being improved.

In my opinion, the following things need to happen:

- Abandon Discord chats (live streams provide a face)
- Continue regular live streams (and improve them)
- Implement a Twitch bot for givaways
- Put those un-edited livestreams on YouTube. (on the same channel as everything else -- make it reveal the amount of regular effort that's going into it)
- Have devs take notes during a stream, and prepare an official video-statement before the next livestream. A video like that will also remind people of the next/upcoming livestream.
- Have devs write official written statements on a blog. Shifts in timeline, upcoming deadlines, changes of mind, etc. Note justifications. Trust me when I say "I got sick" is okay. A great example was the problem with performance and hair.
- Begin with several long documents with mission statements etc (each deserving of their own thread to discuss). These need to be made, and be perfect, since they would be copy-pasted into Kickstarters. In particular, I think it would be worthy to have a good document talking about who is involved with this project.


When Nostalrius, the largest World of Warcraft pirate server, was taken down, it brought to light the value of going back to the origins and spirit of a game. Mark Kern, the original team lead for the "Vanilla WoW" that it mimiced, helped pitch the idea to Blizzard, and they are now releasing Classic World of Warcraft.

Like World of Warcraft's "Vanilla", there was a pre-release beta of Firefall which players still hold in high regard. Kern was the original lead during that time. Curious, he asked around and the community found him. This is the birth of the EM-8ER project, to make the spiritual successor of "the original Firefall".

Some of the original Firefall developers are involved, if only as advisers. In particular, the two developers responsible for its much-loved movement mechanics, are on board.

The voice actor for Aero was found. She's in. Bozz, bozz!

Coding for a private server is no small feat, and networking is a huge challenge for a game. One of Nostalrius' senior programmers has been hired as the lead network developer.

Several others have offered advice and some development work during their personal-time. Though they are known in the industry, they can't be named unless they can be hired away from their current jobs. If EM-8ER grows strong enough to secure them, it will breed even more success.


I think the real problem comes down to there not being regular official written statements.

The YouTube channel was supposed to turn into a sort of development vlog, but the good stuff has been coming out via live streams. This means that outsiders only see clumsy videos. Those passive observers from YouTube need to get regular and curated updates without having to dive deeper into the community.


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Jul 27, 2016
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As frustrating as it may be those involved with creating the game have their own life to consider whilst dealing with obstacles they may face in this project.

I think what they are doing is very good for such as a small team compared to those with bigger budgets and backing.

Lets give them the time to blossom and bring the game we all deserve!


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Jul 26, 2016
There have been delays for sure and I for one expect more.


1. Small, part time team (only one full time), not geographically close to each other (IE different states and/or countries), and time zone challenges.
2. Only certain devs needed at certain points of the process and if not available, then that point has to be put on hold. For ex. Joe Solo was working the models at one time and that ended for "reasons" so someone else had to get up to speed to perform those duties.
3. Omniframe re-design due to Community feedback.
4. Omniframe re-work due to issues once placed in UE4.
5. Technical Issues such as team member(s) equipment failure/loss needing replacement(s).
6. Certain stock/purchased animations not up to Grummz's quality assessment so the team went ahead and started motion capture animations.
7. Terrain re-design from ice/lava to Firefall Coral Forest feel since being marketed as a FF successor.
8. Forum and Game Account coordination created for purchases (New Comer packs, Subscription, etc.), demo builds (Art, Terrain, etc.) verification and login.

These are the one's I recall and I'm sure I'm missing some. This doesn't take into account any issues within Team Em.8ER the Community is not privy to, and may never be privy to, due to "reasons".

8 for Em.8ER

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Jun 4, 2017
The way I see it is that things are slower to come about than originally estimated because of some problems along the way (to be expected) but most importantly because way way way WAY more stuff is being done before the Kick Starter than originally planned.

I may be wrong, but I thought that the "original" goal was to simply have a tiny playable demo where we could fight a small Kaiju with our Thumper. Period. Done. Kick Starter time.

Now we are going to have way way way WAY more than that for Kick Starter.

Newbies who first see Em8ER in Kick Starter will be seeing a big section of the planet, terrain to run around in while fighting... tons and tons more stuff than the first idea.

Beyond that we have the writing going on, and the lore developed in parallel for those that are interested in that aspect.

I am perfectly happy with the current trajectory because of the above (that Kick Starter is delayed but will be HUGELY more than the first plan for it).


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Jul 26, 2016
I'd rather they polish whatever they currently have instead of going out guns blazing. Over promising and spreading awareness will lead to Molyneux syndrome.
I'm sure some spit and polish will go into the mock up for sure. With the builds going out to the Community there will be bug finds, art suggestions, etc that Team Em.8ER will be able to prioritize fixing prior to the Kick Starter Mock Up going live.