Idea for item styles


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Nov 16, 2018
A mid-2020 chief chat talked about individual item styles, and spitballed how colors might be unlocked by per-item experience gains.

If that were to be implemented..

Give each item at least two versions. One is of the appropriate style and color to the manufacturer, and the others are some color variation. This would help entice a person into purchasing or earning it, alleviating the concern that someone would have to equip an "ugly" item to eventually unlock an acceptable color.
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Jul 26, 2016
What if players could purchase some gear wear options (I.E. gear looks old vs new vs battle hardened etc.), some texture options (I.E. metal vs plastic vs rubber etc.), some colors (I.E. lighter vs darker etc.).? Some of each of these groups would be initial options for players and some could be awarded from something like...achievements perhaps. So no bad colors to choose from at the start but could earn a few from in-game, and others could be purchased. Could include patterns (I.E. desert camo vs jungle camo vs urban camo etc.) too.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Rarity skins some of the skins that looks super cool with perhaps effects just something alittle special that makes a skin different to the other skins.

You could have your skin groups from

- Standard skins
- Armored skins
- Team skins
- Reaper skins
- Pack skins (depends the pack e.g. such as wyntr mentioned light skin and dark skin)
- Achievement skins
- Event skins
- Biome skins (Depends on the various biomes you encounter and unlock)
- Special edition skins (such as kickstarters and anniversary)
- Fx skins (with special effects such as electric, flames, liquid metal, neons, etc)
- Community skin (created by community and voted in the game)
- Retro skin (bring back the retro and look super chrome or whatever)
- pet skins
- Vehicle skins
- Seasonal skins (xmas, new year, Halloween, St Patrick etc etc)

Imagine a suit that shows some electric effects when it is low in health like in metal gear solid when the cyborg ninja is damaged.

Also skins that could have a 2 tone effect so when you look at one angle it looks a certain colour and changes as you look at a different angle.

Patterns could be extended to multi-layer patterns with holographic itching on the skins to lighting patterns such as the way it could strobe or flicker across the body etc

With armor could armor sections be interchangeable such as the shoulder pads, chest armor and so on
mixing and matching with other skins
A nice red mash up

1614351592536.jpeg Particular like the neck, arm bracer area and the chest section, also the way the metal parts near the sides look nice imagine if they glowed.

Pets could also have good armor and skin options too.
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Jul 26, 2016
I do not like the idea of paying for colors. Patterns, tetures, fine, but not colors. There are only so many colors a computer can display, and the ideaa of having to pay to unlock all of them is nauseating. However, if you absolutely can't resist this money grab, warframe's color monetization mechanics don't completely disgust me.


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Jul 27, 2016
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warframe's color monetization mechanics don't completely disgust me.
Yes i'd hope that we can get many from unlocking things and completing stuff and the rest to get from trades and even using ingame curreny e.g. 200 blue potatoes for a skin but some of the skins may not be tradable or whatever so they may be sold in a pack etc

Just like warframe could wait for special discounts, seasons or events that can help the player get it for cheaper.

having to pay to unlock all of them is nauseating.
That would be scary to pay for all :O
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