I used to press space and I would fly, and the left mouse button and i would shoot..


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
welcome to complain department if you would like to make a complaint please press 1, for other complaints about your accessories please press 2, for error in magic beans press 3, for all other complaints please press 4

Thanks, to help us further please tell us what it is you would like us to help after the beep .... beep

Redirecting please wait ....... ........ .............

1 hour later

Welcome to complain department how can i help sorry but if you call back in 2 years time you will have forgotten about the issue \o/

goodbye and thankyou for calling complain department

Department of complaints No4535443809890548905609854098049 helper

[note] this is based on telephone complaints :D
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