I Really want to back this but.....


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Aug 8, 2020
Can you assure us this isnt going to be another fiasco like Firefall? I started Firefall in beta, and suffered through the multiple resource, crafting, and combat overhauls. Not to mention pointless frame nerfs. Is this team going to be more stable in its game design decision making? Red 5 literally ran Firefall into the ground with stupid gameplay and design decisions, and then folded with people like me who had spent hundreds to help keep it afloat. Myself and my core game group really felt ripped off, and it is very hard to justify spending any cash at this point. I *LOVED* Firefall. (early-mid life firefall) And I REALLY want to see this game world thrive. But this is a fool me once, fool me twice type scenario. Can anyone on the dev team maybe put us at ease? I am so torn here. I just found out about this game today, and I want to be hyped, as do my friends.
Nov 13, 2018
This isn't RED5. I can only tell you this..
I started FireFall in Beta and LOVED IT! It consumed my life! But about 2/3rds through Beta it started going downhill with the direction IMHO. I ended up quitting playing then.
Now years later I find out that unbeknownst to me Grummz (who is the big boss of EM8ER) was calling the shots in FireFall up until he left 2/3rds the way through FireFall Beta.
All the ideas and direction that I loved about FireFall were during Grummz time in the Chiefs chair and as soon as he left, thats when everything IMHO started falling apart.

I dont know if you knew this but Scores of us FF veterans begged him to make this game when feelers went out to see if there was any desire for EM8ER..
There are Chief Chats regularly on Discord and Twitch where we can interact with Grummz and the Dev team and they take our feedback seriously. There are regular Demo updates.. NOTHING IS IN THE DARK!
This is the most transparent, honest Video Game fundraising build Ive ever witnessed.

Plus you need to understand there is ONLY ONE FULL TIME DEV at the moment, Grummz.
ATM,The rest of the small team are volunteer part timers... UNTIL the Kickstarter (tentatively this year) where we will get a Playable Slice of the game and HOPEFULLY enough Hype to pay for a full time team.
Thats the plan.. No hidden agenda.. Just a great idea that we hope will change the world of Video Games..
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Dec 15, 2016
You can’t really blame R5 for running Firefall to the ground since it was owned by some greedy investors who wanted to make it into WoW with guns. R5 was trapped in a Morton’s Fork: either fulfill the wants of the investors or they pull the funding. V1.6 (I think. Correct me on this.) was a complete overhaul that made the game too grindy.

Once FF was shut down, this caused many to weep what once a promising prospect that turned into a complete trainwreck. Reddit made potshots and hate believing that Grummz was to blame on the demise. Overall, great many lessons were learned over the decade even if it was mostly still in beta.

With the past behind and moving forward, Em8er rose from the ashes of Firefall. As of now, you don’t get to see much word of mouth about it on the development compared to most titles. Lots of vets and newcomers joined in the fray once Em8er started on the development and progress.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Em8er is going to be the game it is unfortunate that Firefall did go out as it did.
For such a small team to slowly and gradually make improvements and optimize so that
we can all play Em8er and experience the best Em8er game for everyone.

Things are going to take some time but if you thought Firefall was good at its peak i really believe
that Em8er can go above and beyond with a great community behind.

Don't take my word or others for it be involved, see the demo's and add your views because we all put our heads together and bring much more to Em8er and the community is very nice.

Crixa Labs is not Red5 it is a more focused and grown up company for its size and with control