I miss playing my Mammoth!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RavenMoon, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. RavenMoon

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    Hey guys, just wanted to create a thread to say hello to the community! I'm RavenMoon, I recognize a ton of you guys from Firefall, maybe some of you remember me. I was not a founder but I did support the game financially though the years since I started playing in 2012. I was with FF up until update 1.6 when I thought the game went to a point of no return.
    Anyway, so as to stay on topic of the thread title I wanted to reminisce about some of my favorite experiences in Firefall. For some reason two things always come to mind when I think back on Firefall, PVP in broken peninsula and Warfront bridge farming. I used to have this method of farming the bridge after Warfront that as far as a I could tell nobody/very few people used.
    So my Mammoth was fully epic with some mods from BP, I used a reset build with
    Teleport Shot
    Rapid Armor
    Absorption Bomb
    Primary Weap: Cryo Plasma HMG
    Secondary: Epic'd out Martha(the penetration was insanely good for this)
    I used to fly up to a nice height, pop a rapid armor, teleport shot right into the middle of the giant Chosen crowd on the middle section of the bridge, wait like .5s for the AI to start in on me, pop absorption bomb and BOOOOM GOODIES EVERYWHERE! Then I would activate Tremors, get resets, teleport into the next group on the first part of the bridge and repeat! I got really skilled at cycling the spawns to the point where I was never not doing anything and there was a constant stream of enemies to murder. I usually stayed in the instance long enough to make between 300-500k cy. One time I actually did it until the instance closed and forced me out(6 hours)!

    What kind of methods did you guys use for farming crystite?
    Also, and I might get berated heavily for this- I thought 1.3 was pretty good and primarily just needed bug fixes and some new stuff to do to really improve. To this day, I can't wrap my head around the 1.6 update.
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  2. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    Hello & welcome RavenMoon

    I also was a mammoth and approve & my next choice would of been engineer the turrets are great!

    Not forgetting parking my big vehicle and driving around the thumper squishing and knocking some away while a chum can shoot this was fun also :D
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  3. PopinFRESH

    PopinFRESH New Member

    Mammoth FTW! was my first 40 frame... og BWA speedrun master

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  4. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Welcome in the comm m8! :D
    And do not fear! The almighty grummz is here! *laugh* (Nope, i'm not grummzyboy xD)
    Since we won't really have real classes you could actually build a Mammoth yourself with one of the three "templates" (Light, Medium, Heavy).
    So, building a Mammoth will be as hard as building full-dmg-poison biotech xD (i did that, it was fucking awesome :3): we can use metal riot-shields, we got the most powerful energy core, we can use the most devastating weapons and we can soak up the most damage. (though we will be slow and probably the first things every mob is going for xD)
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  5. RavenMoon

    RavenMoon New Member

    Yeah, the secondary fire on the bioneedler was crazy strong though! I can imagine a full damage bio setup being really great at killing things if you had the accuracy to pull it off. I definitely look forward to playing around with whatever system Em-8er offers as far as classes are concerened. I wonder if the Em-8er team is going to go with a min max ability configuration kinda like we had there in FF, where you can spec into certain aspects of abilities you want to maximize.
  6. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    no bio needler, bio-injector :3 was total hell, dat secondary fire of the bio-needler was noob spray stuff, too op.

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