I hate sprays


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Nov 16, 2018
The sprays concept I've seen in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm are so incredibly dumb. They might get used once when waiting around, but otherwise they're not particularly interesting or useful.

I understand cosmetics that stick to one's character, but spraying the area is just terrible. I can't imagine people paying money for such things; they seem like gamble-chest filler to me.


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Jul 27, 2016
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When in l4d2 most times see people using sprays to annoy someone with their images especially in pvp.
I do like using my spray although not everyone takes their time to look at sprays especially when they are rushing and playing the game.

What if you could use Sprays as a tag, an example your holographic spray would temporarily show on a old building wall and it is highlighted on the map at a certain proximity. These holographic spray tags could in time vanish.

Also i like those customizable signals but could it alert the enemies too?
Bat signal & Thundercat signal

Did remember there was talk about flags too and then thinking about it firefall with placing down the tiki torch and the dance.

Even though sprays are useless by themself if they had a purpose for its use could be good otherwise it is limited.


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Jul 29, 2016
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I'm not much for sprays either, but there could be some uses for them outside of... you know. Whatever their purpose is.

1. Universal communication. Much like emotes, players could be equip with a range of sprays that can be used to communicate actions and ideas through symbols. Arrows for where to go, X marking a safe place to stand, etc.. You could even incorporate the OP-AI and the players native language, so when they mouse over a symbol (like a jumpjet symbol) it lets them know the symbol means to jumpjet/glide/sprint/etc.. These could be used in a training/tutorial area too. For Guilds, maybe they can spray and it will act as a placeable banner where players can view information and join.

2. Like @Pandagnome's suggestion, for an in-game event/show. You could do an in-game ARG where the community tries to find clues of where to spray and which spray to use uncover another clue, and so on. So players are going around the world, spraying these "tsi-hu" symbols in certain places, and it all leads up to a new Kaiju being released, a new Tsi-hu-inspired skin, or some lore (someone who entered the time prison but can't get out is communicating with us).
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