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Discussion in 'LFG General Discussion' started by Vedrit, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Vedrit

    Vedrit New Member

    So, there's already a couple threads popping up in the board that seem to be about recruitment for guilds or somesuch.
    Sorry, but I have to be that guy; that's not what this board is for.
    See, it even says "League For Gamers" and when you mouse over it, it indicates that the thread should be regarding the League For Gamers social media thingy.
    This board also clearly states that threads should be about the League For Gamers website.
    I don't know if any moderators or staff really care, but... It bothers me. The forementioned topics about recruitment for EM-8ER clearly don't belong here.
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  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    I hear ya. Misplaced threads have been moved to off topic.
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  3. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - T.H.M.P.R.

    Perhaps change LFG to League For Gamers or omit it from the title.
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