How Did Everyone Find Out About Ember?

Jul 12, 2017
Howdy!! I'm so curious about how everyone found out about Ember. I was randomly going through my spam founder when I saw I had a message from the Firefall Forums. I checked it out and it had some broken links but just enough working ones to let me know about Ember. It looks like I missed the petition and the crowd funding campaigns, doh! I loved playing Firefall back in the day but when I tried it on Steam I did not enjoy what I found so I stopped playing it.

So again, how'd everyone happen to find out about Ember? :)
Jul 12, 2017
I wonder what about people that quit when Firefall was so drastically changed? And thank you! I'm reliving sooo much nostalgia today!!
Apr 22, 2017
i had a urge to play firefall after a 1 year hiatus due to the game simply not working anymore with my potato pc and since i finally puckered up and bought a high-end pc i decided to see what remained of the game used to loved so much... after seeing its decrepit state i took one last walk through coral forest taking screenshots of every battleframe i owned as well as my old P-39 Cobra LGV and any landmarks i deemed worthy of remembering (most of the map...)
i rarely ever used the FF forums so i actually happened across it by watching a few Farewell Firefall Vids until i came across one that mentioned Em-8er and all the stuff that went down between Mark Kern and Red5. (like i said, rarely ever used the Forum so this was news to me...)
After that i happened upon the Teaser Vid for the petition, a Q&A, and the 3D art video for the Thumper. eventually it lead me to this site and here i am today, spouting my life's story in this thread at 12am...


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I opened my email and there it was with an artistic image of a lady's behind that could be aero's and the title EM8ER. Strange as it was looking closely i noticed a mech structure in the picture and this got me thinking hmm could it be that this game would have mechs?

Ever since then my detective skills had paid off thanks a bunch i am looking forward to the bike too :p


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Jul 26, 2016
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Fairly simple on my end, joined on the first couple of weeks after the discord was created by finding a steam forum thread speaking of how firefall was going down for good and there was a link to EM-8ER, so i went there and it started.

Right after, I made a steam review speaking about Firefall, the old Firefall and EM-8ER, it got a good 145 ratings with 132 upvotes which i'm guessing equates to about 400-500 views, it brought us plenty of people, most likely a decent 40-50, including our great Torgue as he mentioned above.
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