Hi folks, new to EM8ER

Nov 13, 2018
Hi all,

I have seen screenshots or art of the game from time to time so I thought I would sign up. I got my account working and then figured a way to pay for some kind of backer option.


Since I'm not much of a gamer I just did the cheapest one.

So here is my question. It says there is a "Playable Mockup" for the $35. What does that mean exactly? Am I able to download and play a beta build of the game?

I'm trying to figure out what I signed up for. Again it was the cheapest option (top-left). FORERUNNER.

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Jul 26, 2016
The Playable Mockup is a future deliverable for backers of the game.

Basically the game is being built in several stages, each preceded by a milestone (funded by the community). As part of each successful milestone, the dev team will work on and release builds for the game, working their way towards a kickstarter, where they will present the game to the general public.

The Playable Mockup is the final build before the kickstarter. It is a vertical slice of the game, something like a mini demo, which showcases the core concept and gameplay.

This build is available to all backers of the game that funded during the M2, M3 milestones or those who supported the game by buying the Newcomer Backer packs at the $35 Tier or above (Emberite for M2, Deepscanner for M3 and Forerunner for Newcomer Backer).

The Playable Mockup is being worked on currently and will be released prior to the kickstarter (expected to be sometime early next year).

For now, the dev team have completed the Art demo, which showcases the art assets that will be used in the Playable Mockup. As a Forerunner, you can download this art demo by going to


There are other downloads avaiilable, like the Vision Book PDF that gives a general idea of what the game is going to be all about. I highly recommend going through these to see the dev's vision for the game.

I'd also recommend joining the discord server for the game; feel free to ask questions.

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Jul 26, 2016
Also it appears as though Em-8ER is going to have it's own sale going on next week. So keep your eye out for a chance to get the lootz!
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Jul 26, 2016
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I just got done playing the art demo. It's amazing.

I thought it would just be screen shots or photos but I could walk around and everything.

My PC doesn't play it too well but it looked great.
Yeah the Character Art Demo really is AMAZING!

The devs are going to optimize along the way with each iteration of the test build. I recommend trying out each update as it is posted. When you press ESC there is a menu and there are video settings that may help performance on your PC if you lower them a bit. Oh, and I missed it a few times before I noticed there are tabs at the top of the screen. The other tab has the FOV and Mouse Sensitivity settings.

I recommend joining Em-8ER Discord to stay current on all Em-8ER updates; there's a text channel named #updates that is just for that purpose.