Goal Achieved! 75 thousand funded!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ronyn, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Reapers, we have done it! We have made it through the 75K -warp-gate-of-awesomeness.
    Between Indiegogo and the official paypal account, your generous investments into Em-8ER's fuure...
    We have unlocked every single stretch goal listed on the indiegogo campaign!

    Now, we want to hear from you. Is there anything else we can add to this campaign in these final hours? Before we take off our fundraising hats and dive deep into the development of the milestones leading to the full mock up, we want to know what kind of things you would like to see as a small stretch goal to take us over the top!

    That's right Reapers, it's time.
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  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    How about a tiki torch you can throw down that makes everyone dance...
    and comes with music with Grummz himself singing a tune? :D
  3. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    90K $ stretch goal suggestion :
    bling bling style in-game cosmetic accessories to symbolise how much money was donated during this milestone, that's my idea, what accessories tho, that's up to you
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  4. Dracomon

    Dracomon Player One Base Commander

  5. Liberator

    Liberator Deepscanner

    Oh, I did like confusing new players with my Tiki Torch.
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  6. Speedy93

    Speedy93 Deepscanner

    Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see this in action <3
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  7. Tragedy

    Tragedy Reaper Leader

    Yes, add a Chibi-morph - will attach a picture in a few minutes.
    I can find some more pictures if this one isn't clear enough.

    "In English-speaking anime and manga fandom (otaku), the term chibi has mostly been conflated with the "super deformed" style of drawing characters with oversized heads or it can be used to describe child versions of characters."
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  8. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    My God all what an amazing job this community has done! you are all awesome! hats off!
  9. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    I approve.
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  10. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    That could be a bit overkill but that's the idea!
  11. Zednel

    Zednel Firstclaimer - Emberite

    How about creating a Niagara-like waterfall (or a volcano for pun) in the starting zone, and naming it Fire-falls as a memento? Oh, and also bling bling accessories, those would look cool.
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  12. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    Scroll through the backer list for the backer named "We made 85K!". That was 85k in IGG alone. By @Grummz Discord bidding.
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  13. WatsonDynamite

    WatsonDynamite New Member

    I really like this idea
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