GLIDER TUNING BUILD phase 2 - feedback thread

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Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Kaiju Slayer
Jul 29, 2016
Oh my Em-8er Gods! you totaly right!
i kind of ignoring this moment before
but last week i change my 1080p monitor on 3440x1440
and mouse movement become a notable problem
(i use Logitech G305 - on 800-1200 dpi all time)

i change Negative Mouse Acceleration to Positive,
Accel Start to: 6 - Accel End to: 8 - Accel Multiplier to: 1.5
And mouse movement feels Amazing now (as i love and greatly Care)
(Tested in fast combats with Tsi-Hu and Glieder)

Most games use Positive Acceleration...
which you know - actually rational thing to do
because its improve mouse control precision and comfort (less misses)

My main point here - to Leave Mouse Acceleration Spliders in Video Options forever!
Glad to of helped, It made the whole experience for me properly enjoyable, now I can aim now lol
Jul 27, 2016
I noticed a problem with Mouse settings. I didn't have any issues until I changed my keybindings. Now every time I load the demo, my mouse doesn't move anything. But all I have to do is hit ESC and then click Apply and then click save (yes without changing anything) and that seems to apply the mouse settings.

EDIT: I made a short video demonstrating the mouse issue (video is a bit longer than I meant it to be)
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Aug 24, 2018
The buttery smooth transition to gliding is just a blessing. The whiplash you get from transitioning to gliding is now gone (insert crab emojis here). Well... Not exactly. I still get that camera whiplash sometimes but I think that's because of the position of my camera before I started gliding. Or this could entirely be placebo. I'm not sure.

Diving feels unbelievably f*cking good to do now thanks to the fact your camera zooms out as you dive and it also feels really good when you manage to pull up just before you hit the floor and zoom half-way across the map within 2-3 seconds.

The camera shaking more visibly the faster you get while gliding is a nice touch. I didn't know I wanted this but damn this is a really good change. Really feels like you're gliding in speeds that is difficult to maintain.
  • Additional note: Thanks to this change, it made diving really exhilarating.

Thanks to the last two changes above, diving and then pulling up gives me a rush that I can't explain. I makes me want to go way up in the sky and then dive just to see how fast I can go.

It feels like the threshold where the glider breaks has been dialed back a bit compared to the last build which makes gliding up risky if you're not doing it at high speed. I really don't mind the change if it did.

I really like that instead of my glider wings breaking mid-flight, I just do an emergency landing now. I prefer this over the old mechanic. Allows me able to land on my feet in case I find myself running out of juice mid-flight.

Overall I really like the changes in this build and I feel like this is another great step forward compared to the last build.

Bug(s) I've encountered:
  • I'm not sure what's causing this but sometimes I find myself "rubberbanding" while gliding. Not cool but the VFX on the gliders makes it bearable since the zigzagging of the trails is mesmerizing for me.
Additional Thoughts:
  • With gliding as it is in this build, I'll definitely use this as my main mode of transportation between areas as zooming around the map is just too fun
  • Sort of a nitpick really but I don't like how the invisible walls are implemented in this level (wasn't a problem before until recently to be honest). At least give me a chance to see them in the distance before I crash into them and give me flight blue-balls.
  • Please give us the ability to boost while gliding.


Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
Zone of Bones, Australia
Killed a grappler while being grappled and pulled, and I got stuck.

THMP-Rs seem to get stuck if they collide with Tsi-hu. They just idle there and despawn after a while.

Tsi-hu don't react to being hit with Missile Swarm at ranges at or over about 150m. No investigation into the source of the attack.

I've got a 5.1 system hooked to my PC now, and it's a huge difference sound-wise. The assault rifle is louder from the right speakers, the footsteps and hydraulics play from the opposite direction you're travelling and some things like the Overthrust sound effect change depending on which direction you're looking. Couple that with the environmental sounds that don't come from any particular direction and it all sounds a bit weird. Hearing the THMPR drop is awesome with it though!
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