Game Music! Ambient Music! Music, Music, Music!


Kaiju Slayer
Ark Liege
Fart Siege
Welcome Wagon
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
These tracks stood out to me most, very nice :cool:

- The stag
- I guess its tangled
- Somefin small
- Eternal space
- Afro hightime
- Liftoff into space
- The intergalactic porch
- unknown hallways
- Saturn winds
- Lisanna's discovery
- instrumental revolutionized
- [Rainy day] Fantasia ft (marty glover)

I can imagine some good music shows in the Em8er Social scenes and out of that area the music could be linked through our Mek as the A.I would say something there is an Event happening in the Social district, would you like to hear it?

Yes/No? Then if accepted the music from the event takes over reducing the ambience game music until you decide to hop over to the social district or not.
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