Frame rates, eye strain, and play quality

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  1. Dreamin

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    I have just a curiosity about this without much real knowledge, yet. I would appreciate any input, thank you.

    See, I have issues with migraines which have recently become more relevant in hardware selection. To put it simply, 60hz hurts, and limits my time in front of a screen. I am moving to 144hz as many testimonial from others in my situation have egregiously recommended this as an aide in their pain management.

    With the above stated, when watching the fps for most games I don't recall really seeing them much higher than 50fps. I have read though that the Unreal engine is very capable of funneling 90fps full time. Also, as 3d applications render even high, which Unreal support?idk?, I had the curiosity if making the move to high HZ would benefit my play experience with Em-8er.

    Without regard to the play-ability I am making the change, I have to decrease my toxin (pain pill) intake. Will this be all for not in the world of Em-8er?
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  2. NoahDVS

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    Is "egregiously" the word you meant to use?

    What do you mean when you say games don't go much higher than 50 FPS? The FPS depends on your hardware, drivers, the graphics settings and how well optimized the game is. Unreal Engine is capable of hundreds of FPS, but that doesn't mean a game made with UE is going to perform that well. If a game doesn't perform well or performs very well, it's more likely because of your PC and the developers of the game than because of Unreal Engine anyway.
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  3. Pandagnome

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    what about computer glasses not sure if those help, I do remember that eye exercise by blinking and looking around or even taking a power nap could help too and staying hydrated.
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  4. Dreamin

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    Yes it is, though I have an older understanding of the word. This may help.

    Thank you for the understanding that the frames per second is a hardware limitation only, except if the developers chose to produce a game that runs a low FPS and that the engine should not be considered.
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  5. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    I have an aunt with that get migraines with monitors were told it's because of the LCD flickering in the background.
    So she just got rid of their LCD monitor for an OLED one and haven't had trouble at home since then. Her workplace was willing to give her back an older monitor for the LCD one she had and it worked there too.
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    I remember watching an old dev log a long while back, it said something about how they try and keep games easier to run, because not everyone has a 1080Ti.

    I imagine you'd be able to hit a constant 144FPS with decent hardware.
  7. Silv3r Shadow

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    I once had an old monitor that had a low resolution over 10 years ago, it gave me migraines every time I used it when other monitors would not, (veggie LCDs were a thing).

    I used to get headaches from looking at the screen for too long, to fix this I would and still do look outside to the horizon and focus on different objects at different distances, also having a drink helped.
    Even I did bulk gaming and done what I've done above, is also put icepack or water on my forehead now and then too cool it down.
    These things helped me greately, hope this helps

    Also, a theory, you can try putting red LED lights behind your monitor, blue ones make you more septuple to getting tired. Red lighting is the irritating light to look at and has the least lighting distance (besides black lighting, but anyway). Good luck.
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  8. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    Are you sure that's right? I've heard that you should change the tint of your screen to red at night so that blue light from the monitor doesn't keep you awake. There is software out there to automatically adjust the tint of your screen so that it gets redder as the day turns into night.
  9. Torgue_Joey

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  10. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    I use Redshift.
  11. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Well, regarding FPS: they are on the first line completely hardware based - on the second line software based.
    The hardware is responsible for computing the stuff the program wants it to compute and then it sometimes gets limited by the software - best example for me was cube 2: sauerbraten where you are able to limit the fps manually though /maxfps <number> - i usually used 50-60 cuz my monitors cant run faster than 50 FPS/Hz.
    if done right it will also minimize the load of the hardware but thats something else.

    and then there are DEVs that are total ****s and make a forced FPS cap - usually the big DEVs - which will never allow you to play higher than what they want you to play - and thats usually 30 or 60 fps. (exceptions are maybe hacked/cracked versions of the game that remove the fps cap).

    another solution for the headaches may be higher res monitors with a smaller pixel scale (if there are any).
  12. Terricon4

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    You'd be surprised but there are a lot of reasons games may end up being forced to run at a specific framerate or they'll break. Some are for actual core reasns to the games (2d drawn/pixel style fighting games, some games with a requirement for exact messurments of time (like invuln frames/parry frames that have specific ticks in the animation and if you try to blend them into a different number other than the intended one you can get wierd results (that can result in players unfair death)), or pattapon the rythim games on PSP, decent number). And then yes, you also have others where they just made a poor or lazy decision at one point that limits the game, or where the marketing team or a contract with a company (console companies normally) limits FPS on all other platforms or such.
    If you make it on a console with specific hardware, they often build for one specific framerate, so lots of ports can also end up with this since it's not like the ones coding it originally for console know how to do it on PC or make it easier for the other people who would make the port later (thus leaving their hands tied too).

    And ya, blue is the bright ass sky that we look up and see in the morning and daytime, it's also the normal source of light humans had over the past few million years. So unsurprisingly blue light does actually set our biological clocks to wakey wakey mode. Yellow would be morning sun or fire, but a red is mostly seen in sunsets in the evening.
  13. Ilitia Avaritia

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    as everyone said above, fps is really a big factor for pc/gaming related migraines.. if you can get as much fps as you can, that would be great. also adjust your game settings to get a STABLE fps because your eyes can get strained when you get fps drops and screen tearing on your games even if you don't notice it.
    Another tip is proper positioning of your screen (pc ergonomics)
    You might also want to adjust the FOV in-game (if applicable)

    finally.. it's also important to rest your eyes every so often ;) as said above, like looking at something far

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