Frame rates, eye strain, and play quality

Discussion in 'Ember & The Unreal Engine' started by Dreamin, Jul 23, 2017.

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    I have just a curiosity about this without much real knowledge, yet. I would appreciate any input, thank you.

    See, I have issues with migraines which have recently become more relevant in hardware selection. To put it simply, 60hz hurts, and limits my time in front of a screen. I am moving to 144hz as many testimonial from others in my situation have egregiously recommended this as an aide in their pain management.

    With the above stated, when watching the fps for most games I don't recall really seeing them much higher than 50fps. I have read though that the Unreal engine is very capable of funneling 90fps full time. Also, as 3d applications render even high, which Unreal support?idk?, I had the curiosity if making the move to high HZ would benefit my play experience with Em-8er.

    Without regard to the play-ability I am making the change, I have to decrease my toxin (pain pill) intake. Will this be all for not in the world of Em-8er?
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    Is "egregiously" the word you meant to use?

    What do you mean when you say games don't go much higher than 50 FPS? The FPS depends on your hardware, drivers, the graphics settings and how well optimized the game is. Unreal Engine is capable of hundreds of FPS, but that doesn't mean a game made with UE is going to perform that well. If a game doesn't perform well or performs very well, it's more likely because of your PC and the developers of the game than because of Unreal Engine anyway.
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    what about computer glasses not sure if those help, I do remember that eye exercise by blinking and looking around or even taking a power nap could help too and staying hydrated.
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  4. Dreamin

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    Yes it is, though I have an older understanding of the word. This may help.

    Thank you for the understanding that the frames per second is a hardware limitation only, except if the developers chose to produce a game that runs a low FPS and that the engine should not be considered.
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    I have an aunt with that get migraines with monitors were told it's because of the LCD flickering in the background.
    So she just got rid of their LCD monitor for an OLED one and haven't had trouble at home since then. Her workplace was willing to give her back an older monitor for the LCD one she had and it worked there too.
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