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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Why don't we have something on the forum that gives us an indication of when a chief chat meeting would happen like an alert in a different colour and if it is cancelled the colour could turn to red with a small note sorry cancelled until further notice.

i know there is a focus on discord and sending emails but I'd really still like to think the Em8er forum is equally important too and where we can find the information as well.


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Mar 4, 2019
Yeah, the Forums are kinda being treated like the middle child.

Maybe we should start acting up to get some attention around here. *starts rubbing hands*

Just not much new to discuss or show off on em8er. Except for the demo updates. Still not enough systems, story lines, characters, etc to keep conversations and new posts going for very long. Hopefully the Kickstarter, its cinematic and the buzz surrounding it brings in new and old members and really gets the ball rolling again.

Probably will.
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Omni Ace
Jul 26, 2016
Acting up? Probably not needed. What time/labor Crixa has is being used for tasks that take priority over the upkeep of the forum/Twitter/YouTube channel/website/etc. For example, the website is supposed to get an overhaul at some point prior to the Kick Starter, but how much before depends on a number of factors since the Team is limited to volunteers (basically). That goes for all the other items as well. My guess is that the Team has "To Do" lists that are fairly large that they want to complete but with so many things to do and only so much time for peeps to do it they have to prioritize what gets worked on when. I believe we'll see a number of things get updated around KS time. Either just before or soon after once Crixa starts to bring on actual paid full time staff. One Reaper's opine though.