Fortuna Fiasco

PIghead Elderberry

Kaiju Slayer
Jun 4, 2017
I am sorely underwhelmed by the Fortuna "open world" experience so far with Warframe, so I though I would complain here just in case what I think means anything to making Em8er.

1) Open World - NOT NOT NOT and NOT some more!

First, for all the hype about Fortuna being "Open" it feels closed and tiny and makes me want to open a window.

Terrain is drab and uniform feeling. Where you are feels limiting and drab. Terrain and features blend into one bland color scheme - buildings, roads, landscape...

Em8er will have some ice with it - but GADS let's not do it this way!

FF had color, variety, open feeling to it, different regions... etc. Even Antartica in FF way back then was much much better than Fortuna for a landscape of snow and ice.

You feel like you are locked on roads, even with the ability to fly around on an archwing. The landscape makes you feel like you are stuck on some on-rails shooter stuck on the roads. If you fly up, you do not get a feeling of going places. The terrain is all similar without landmarks or contrasts or anything to make you feel like you are really moving from one place to another.

Needless to say, I say this all compared to FF which had vistas, wonderful landscapes and a true feeling of open.

2) Forced cinematics and sitting over and over through the same dialog sequences

The attempt to introduce some story fails because even after you have ONCE been forced to sit through a sequence of dialog, if there is a bug (oops, there are many) or you fail a mission... back you go to the start sitting forever through dialog sequences you can't avoid.

We have lots of story! Let's tell it in-game in a way that does not make us want to smash our own face with our heavy Razer keyboards so wonderfully tuned to our suits.

3) NPCs rooted to the spot making things feel dead

Even though they are trying to tell a story, which is nice, the NPCs which tell it are just rooted to the spot. In spite of window dressing of not communicative NPCs which are just fluff, the place feels dead.

This may be this way partly perhaps because it is coop and not MMO style where you sit in the hub before you go out for the instance, but regardless, it is very annoying to have to slowly (forced to move so slowly in the hub makes it worse) go from NPC A to NPC B who are rooted to the spot to hear some forced dialog over and over.

4) The "dynamic" content is a rehash of the POE content and not very dynamic or responsive

Once again, FF all those years ago now, was 100 times superior in the dynamic events we used to have.

Fortuna, in contrast to even early FF dynamic events, just will drop a few Corpus down from nowhere for no apparent reason. Always the same. Always no feeling of any purpose to it or any danger associated with it.

You feel like you are stuck in a bland, uniform, blah landscape with the same code plunking down Corpus as plunked down POE dudes but without the feeling of much purpose. POE at least seemed to be a more interesting place - because it was vs. this new one. Hardly a FF landscape, but not this awful.

These failed aspects of "open" and "dynamic" Em8er surely will not create!

p.s. I am grumpy because I was duped into thinking Fortuna would be some great new thing...
Oct 29, 2016
Ah, maybe i should clarify on what they are prototyping about. They are trying to make Warframe seamless, going from mission to mission should not have loading screen, instead you would get into your Liset, and then control that liset, and get out mid-space-fight and board them with your archwing. Or you could just get into PoE and Orb Vallis by entering the atmosphere(?). You could also battle with your Liset, which will introduce you to the space dogfight.