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Jul 27, 2016
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So I'm not entirely sure how i did this but somehow i ended up in the planking position, when I went into glide mode my frame was stuck facing sideways , 1st person was unable to move
on your feet all day even meks need to lay down.

THMPR interaction where you can walk under their legs and cause them to strike a Captain Morgan pose, with two frames you can lift the entire unit of the ground!
You must watch out for kaiju's they may poop !
May 3, 2020
Em8er mishaps on the 1st person demo.

-missile mishaps

-aiming missiles at either players or Tsi-Hu and then canceling them (while still locked on) makes them stay on screen at a certain point of the map.. (Maybe 0,0?).
Note: you can cancel out using either abilities or the right mouse button happens the same either way, if you walk far enough away from the locked on glitches state, they seem to go away.

-shooting the assault rifle at same time while pressing the 2 key (for missiles) will cause the gun to continue firing automatically, and will reload automatically, until after you click again once the missiles are launched i'll finally stop shooting.

-bounce pad abuse

*note for both of these, you have to fly into the glider pad using your wings, and right as you land on it spam either the Q (overthrust) or E (deep-strike) ability.
*2nd note: once spamed, the cooldown will recharge as a white color rather than the normal red color.

-(overthrust) Q section:
Once hitting the bounce pad, you can spam your Q ability as often as you want, though once your tired of spamming the button though seems to not have any heavy side effects, only you can see it on your screen, other players cannot see the fiery effects when spammed. Though if you hop off the pad while its recharging you can use it normally, then will continue to recharge in the red state.

-(deep strike!) E section:
This one seems to have more side effects than the overthrust ability, once hitting the bounce pad spam the E ability, the other player again will not see you in a continuous spinning state, though when spamming it'll stop after about the first bounce, which you will stand on the pad with the deep strike pose when your going down in mid air, flying off of this gives quite a funny laughable result with your wings up flying, but once you land (depending on the angle you land) you can walk sideways and plank like so, still in a moveable state, this also allows you to look at the front of your frame and make a lil funny dance clicking your heels (there's no place like home..) sort of feel. The only way to get out of this state is by either dying,or relogging. But no matter how you look in this state, they cannot see the position of your character, but the only thing they can see on their screen is the heel clicking.

-abusing the land

-infinite jump glitch

Note: can happen in rocks, and coral, can happen randomly while flying around too though.

Find a spot where your character can't land on the ground *properly* i’d recommend the blue-green coral located between the big orange coral the the green spiky seashells, stand in a state where it would get you to vibrate, hold space for you to infinitely jump into the air, looking down seems to get you a pretty high jump, looking forwards seems to get you to the void if you hold it down long enough, though id recommend looking up into the sky. (Does Not work 100% of the time, seems RNG to me, but works pretty often)


-spawning one right next to a Tsi-hu (as close as possible) will launch them until they crash into a rock/wall (they will freeze in place until they vanish)

-Note:easiest to do this if you put it in the frozen state, using the method above^
If a player walks under the T.H.M.P.R’s feet, the T.H.M.P.R will automatically step on the omniframes head, grabbing 2 players seems to “lift it up” though more of a visual glitch, it is quite funny.

-if they walk into coral, they glitch a bit and vibrate/shake really fast a bit, again more of a visual thing

-calling a T.H.M.P.R on a tiki tower of any number of people (we had about 16) will kill everyone but the bottom player in that tower.


-changing any setting from epic to low, or anything else and clicking accept, exiting and looking back at the options, it says it's still epic, when doing this you have to do it one at a time(the only way to fix this is if you go in the games code and manually change it)
NOTE: i just tried this again, seems to have worked as intended, not sure if its random, otherwise low graphics seems to up the brightness of the game quite a bit, not sure if that's intentional or if we will need a brightness meter added, only adding this as some players have this issue, might be random chance.

-Just visual glitches tbh/looks weird

-going in 1st person and looking at your shadow, your legs no not appear, only the top half of the omni frame

-shooting the ground with an assault rifle on the seafloor makes it bleed

-watching someone slide down a hill makes them appear as running super fast, though on the users end they look like they are sliding

-flying at *really* high speeds seems to make the gliding trails of the wings have jagged lines, though i run at 60 FPS, i hear its smoother at higher FPS rates.

-when the T.H.M.P.R gets picked up by the ship, once the ropes/wire gets attached to the T.H.M.P.R the T.H.M.P.R increases in size by a tiny but, though still noticeable.

-shooting a plasma into the sky and logging out will cause it to stay in the air until the next demo reset, not sure bout rifles, bullets move too fast.

-after sliding into a corner and standing into it, the dirt effects are shown on the frame, duno if intentional but it's pretty cool!

-The Tsi-hu will not detect you if you are right next to them (whether it be behind or in front of them) depending on where you are standing, the tentacles on their back will not glow red. As they face different directions thought it looked a bit odd.

-other things i haven't managed to recreate but has happened
* I put [ ] for how many times I witness it., x stands for time
-when ships fly by to pick up a T.H.M.P.R from a far away distance (only happened to me far away) the jets seem to only appear on the ships nothing else, seems players closer to it sees the ship with its shape and colors. [2x]

-managed to get the accuracy thing when shooting guns to appear 2 different versions on my screen and stay after death. 1st time: One in the middle of my screen frozen, while the other moved as it should when shooting enemies, 2nd time I managed to get it stuck slightly off center but colored red. (both times, 1 cursor seemed normal, the others stayed in place) [2x]

-shooting missiles at someone and the other deep striking managed to clip through the floor of the map into the void (this happened to be on a flat surface on the ground. Near the area where tsi-hu tends to spawn.) [1x]

-thumpr must have walked perfectly in a coral/rock, and was in a state while looking holding its drill arm out, and one leg out while sliding about, though afterwards, when back to walking normally [2x]

-Tsi-hu sometimes will just spawn and chill in the air because why not? [at least 10x]

-sometimes while moving jetpack will automatically just keep using fuel, have to use an ability or i think press space to cancel out of that state. [to many to count]

-while falling there are times i cannot use any other ability than gliding, (haven't tried deep strike or missiles in this state) cannot use jetpack either [too many to count]

-sometimes while the T.H.M.P.R is mining, the ores will jump up an insane height, which doesnt seem normal, as it takes about more than 3-7 seconds to fall back down, its uncommon but it does still happen, almost as if it has zero-gravity.

-when a player holds their gun (most of the time seems to be when they are standing still and afk) they seem to have both guns holding in their hand at the same time, clipping through one another.

-if a T.H.M.P.R is already spawned and you go somewhere else to spawn one, itll say one is nearby, maybe change it one T.H.M.P.R is deployed?

-more of a note than anything, when you aren't able to use abilities (such as overthrust or deepstrike, or for some reason your jetpack doesn't work) glider seems to reset things to be able to use again.

-background noise of the first person demo when playing seems to cut off for a second, then continue to loop every so often

-after death, pressing the AWSD keys to move around you can still hear your frame walk around.

If u need me my discord tag is SaltehBleach c: (i run em8er at 60FPS, on the US servers, ping usually around 120 it seems) Also, for certain instances, I managed to capture moments of glitches on my phone via photo or recording, (including ones that are hard to recreate, though i can't guarantee i have all of those instances… or the best quality as they were shot on my phone)

Fairyl for helpin me look over this and test some stuff
Chazz for helpin me thru his eyes with bugs
and everyone else who kept me company in VC while I was messing aroun on the demo c:
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Mar 4, 2019
As a former Soaring Afterburner nutjob, i get why you might think you do not want to make jumpjets recharge while gliding but you really want them to. Trust me. (it is messing with my muscle memory)

No really, trust me...

Faster draining and recharging of Jumjets would keep the flow going. The way it works now breaks the flow of movement. The frames will also benefit from falling faster. Jumpjets also don't recharge while falling.

I will go into greater detail in a thread explaining why i am right about this later.... :p

Afterburner definitely needs more umph.
No hoversprinting, WHY?

Keyboard inputs seems to not always like two inputs at once. (Like sprint and jump)

Dashing is nice addition to the mobility (sometimes seems to have a mind of it's own for now)

Everything else about the movement is Firefall as i remember it, awesome job. It floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

I salute the devs 07
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Jul 25, 2016
Ultimately I'm really not liking the fundamental floating/flying gameplay style. I hope that play has to be built-for by player modules, and that I can opt out and stay on the ground much more. I intend to play as an engineer-type, so that's the style that it will require.
Id like to keybind the dash at some point.. Im only getting it to work with the double tap directional WASD+ space bar maybe 70% of the time.
Gonna wait till we get a reset button on the keybind option though
Dash (double-tap) is on the V key and can be rebound.
Nov 13, 2018
Dash (double-tap) is on the V key and can be rebound.
Now just to be clear, when we say DASH we are talking about the extra boost when jetting.. not running (if there is even such a thing) I have tried the V option of dash and like the directionally keys dash, my results varied.
But this was also one or two demos ago, I haven't tried the V-dash on this demo but I will ASAP.