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    Not sure if this is a scam, or not, or if this project really exists, but the first impression is questionable at best. What really is going on? I get a message on the old firefall system, with this link:, basically saying, "We're starting over, come get credit!". Cool, second chance at a good game ...

    What is, is it associated to em8er? Email confirmations come from, is that related to em8er? The URL displayed, to confirm an account for example, is em8er, but the link is actually for - is that related to em8er?

    I went ahead and tried to "link" my accounts, and to dive into the forums to learn more about em8er, but this process sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth ...
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    Hi, sorry about that URL, its @Xeevis hosting the Emberbot there. It is a legitimate site.
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    Hey, welcome. This is quite rare concern. To my knowledge message on Firefall forums contains summary of what this is about and the link actually leads to landing site on which gives even more information and access to other site resources. Landing page also links to where you don't enter any private data, only public UserId from forums and click couple buttons. Only place where you do put private data are these forums and indiegogo page and after looking at them for a few minutes you can safely say these aren't scams :)
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    Which btw, thank you guys for doing this for us old Firefall fans. I know I certainly appreciate it :)
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