Firefall officially shutting down on 07/07/2017

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by ObsoleteVodka, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member

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  2. Terib.Shadow

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    -comment modified by myself for being way too brutal, pardon the red thirst.

    At least The9 finnaly stopped beating the dead horse, now it can sleep for good.
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  3. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    Damn. I stumbled on R5's website yesterday by accident and thought it was permadead. Don't even get a proper chance to say goodbye to FF, do we? Glad I made the most of it last year then.
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  4. Genobee

    Genobee New Member


    I knew it was coming and yet I'm still sad to see it go. Had a lot of fun times on this game a few years back. So despite the state it was left to rot away in, I wanted something more to come of it. Weird to say that about a game. It was downright depressing to watch it be left to collapse in on itself over time. Ah well. Glad I had fun in it when I could. Got to experience something unique and shockingly enjoyable.

    At least we'll have Em-8er at some point. Which I have rather high hopes will be a worthy successor to what Firefall once was.
  5. Harven

    Harven Deepscanner

    Well, it took a while, but the day has come. I dont know what to say about this, but Im still happy some of the community is still here in Em8er. I hope Em8er will be unique and beautiful too.

    Bye Bye Firefall!
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  6. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member

    Yeah, in the past two years Firefall was a terminal patient begging for euthanasia. Finally its torment is coming to an end.
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  7. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    All the more motivation for Em8-er to blow Firefall out of the water. I'm angry, but let's use this as a reminder to learn from Firefall's mistakes and make Em8-er the best it can be.

    This is why we say nein to The9, kids.
  8. BunnyHunny

    BunnyHunny Deepscanner

    "Your efforts and loyalty will not go without recognition, however. Firefall is currently developing a mobile version of the game and all of Firefall’s founders and players will be rewarded greatly in the new game. We will be sure to provide everyone with more updates as we have them."


    Also, not that it would be true, but how is Firefall itself supposed to develop something?
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  9. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member

    Hahaha, I think they saw how successful was Mark's last IGG campaign and said "Fuck this shit!". :D
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  10. Shuriko

    Shuriko Deepscanner

    Rip Firefall, we had fun. Now close your eyes and let Ember Carry the torch.
  11. Wraithbane

    Wraithbane Terraformer

    That was always the expected end result. Its too bad, as I had years of fun in the game, before The9 turned it into Gun of Warcraft™. Lets hope that Grummz can achieve what he sets out to this time. RIP Firefall.
  12. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner


    "..., we will see you at the next battle." Not gonna happen:
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  13. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    Never played it...still seeing a game die is somehow...sad
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  14. Nalessa

    Nalessa Active Member

    Still sad to see it close down.

    Been through many of the changes for that game, everytime some of them I really liked, others not, but I still really enjoyed my time playing the game overall, lots of fun moments aswell with others and the events where the devs showed up as chosen and we all swarmed them to try and take them down ... good times.

    Wish it would have been succesfull, never even got to see the third race, learn some more about Aero's past, what was going to happen with graves eventually, etc etc ...
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  15. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

  16. jds

    jds New Member

  17. Jag

    Jag Member Kaiju Slayer

    No matter what, this is always a sad thing. It is simply a reminder as to what could have been - and although Em-8ER I'm sure will easily meet this need I feel, it is still sad to see something that had so much promise turn to dust.

    RIP my favourite game ever, but I'm sure Em-8ER will take its place, if it hasn't already.
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  18. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Though I believe the mobile talk is still their way of keeping firefall out of Grummz's hands, we all knew this was coming.

    Firefall is the reason why we are getting Em-8ER. I carry on four gaming friends, two who are close personal friends, and hundreds of hours of amazing experiences because of firefall. I'm content with how things have played out since Grummz's departure.
  19. Kuroyukihimeeee

    Kuroyukihimeeee New Member

    Bye bye assault and firecat :'(
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  20. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    I'm actually downloading Firefall again, so I can get in and take a picture in my favorite area one last time.

    Its Sertao in the large crystal area, but its really high up, so high you can see New Eden.
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