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Discussion in 'Flamewars, Gripes and Complaints' started by Gordro, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    Any chance you can cut the toxic shit out on the Firefall forums?

    I cant even answer technical help questions for people without some muppit chiming in with "FF IS CRAP LOLZ EMBER!!"

    You are making yourselves look like tools. Fine you want Ember to succede, giving it a bad name before its even got of the ground isnt going to help anyone.
  2. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Dude, I didn't even know there forums were still up.
    Sorry, got banned there years ago for questioning the change in the games direction under The9.
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  3. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    I probably was not talking about you then.
  4. DarkCisum

    DarkCisum Member

    Ever since the beginning of Ember there has been a lot of toxicity against Firefall and its still supporting community.

    Starting with Mark Kern himself calling people out to stop playing and let the game die ("of course" he later claimed that he meant it totally different from what he actually said...). Followed up by all the MFGA people actually going around and telling people to stop playing the game at best in every possible thread (even though some step back from that behavior...). And then there are all the new-ish Ember supporter/Mark Kern disciples that feel the need to spam post whenever possible how great Ember will be.

    I really hope this is not the kind of community you really want to nurture.
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  5. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Well let's be honest, the game is on borrowed time now so why continue to put time into it if at any moment it might all be turned off?
    I am not saying spamming their forum is the thing to do, just that the game officially has no hope of ever being even good now that there are no developers working on it and it has squandered an insane amount of money.
  6. DarkCisum

    DarkCisum Member

    I think everyone is pretty much aware of that, yet everyone is free to spend their time on whatever they chose to, whether it makes sense for you or not. The more important question probably is, why are all these Ember fans still on the Firefall forum given that in their own words Firefall is dead?
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  7. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    To pick apart the corpse.

    Also, I do agree with the OP that it is a bit much when peeps are having fun, or trying to, and they have legitimate questions that need answering but other peeps are going in and trolling. That's not cool.
  8. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Well... i don't like ppl trolling when other ppl are asking pretty good questions about things that newbies can't know or when they don't know what they run in.

    Also spamming full a forum is... meh... i just wrote a hate post to the admin and thats it.
    but i feel kinda embaressed when i see it now. :/
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  9. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    Yes thats a good point, and one I have put a lot of thourght into.

    1) ALL GAMES have a limnited lifespan (apart from Asherons Call, and when I die, my in game character will still be around, hopefully 50 odd years old)
    2) A game is the sum of its parts, and these parts include the social groupings within that game. Half the fun of firefall is playing with your mates with some voice channel
    3) It may not all go to shit, yeah at the moment its hit a wall, but we have no idea WHY the servers are running, there is a reason, and much like those the religious folks go on about, us mortals cant understand the grand scheme. (tin foil hats on here, but if The9 arnt looking for Firefall to finance itself, then its probably a test bed for whatever is comming next, SOMEONE is paying the bills, and its not the auditors)
    4) I like firefall, in all its various guises. I press Space and I fly, and I press the left mouse button and I blow shit up
    5) I would like to hit ER 1500 before the servers go boom
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  10. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    And BOOM the Firefall forums are down again :p
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  11. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Just noticed this lol! I get "this site cannot be reached *insert sad paper emoticon here*"
  12. Vecchio

    Vecchio Emberite

    Yep. Forum and game down again. The game was crashing my computer (screen freeze) all day yesterday. What a shame the 9 have no further interest to support FF. Their loss is our gain but, still a shame.
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  13. DARKB1KE

    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised you took a screenshot.
  14. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    I am suprised he opened his sad, pathetic mouth and posted that screen shot.

    basic bully tactics, be a tard then look for the group to back him up, hes after people to agree with him here with the pack mentality.

    You DO realise that the guy you are attacking is an unpaid voluntieer?

    na of course not, because you are the kind of person with the same ability to question their actions and the results of those actions as a 3 year old.

    Im an Ember Founder, which most of the fuckers who are throwing abuse are not.

    You scream for EMBER TO RISE FROM THE ASHES OF FIREFALL LOLZZ but arnt making any contribution to Ember.

    All those who fucking sad pathetic wankers who are trashing support posts and attacking pepople trying to help,

    Well if that gets my forum account banned here, then I can live without Ember

    I havent even got the picture my £50 was supposed to bring :p
  15. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    R5Admin is an unpaid volunteer? Poor guy, the FF forums have been dreadful for the past few months.

    I think at this point we can consider Firefall the world's first quantum game. It's both dead and alive at the same time.
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  16. DARKB1KE

    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    I can't see anybody doing that with their free time, especially if it's not paid.
    I also can't tell if the Engrish (poor English translation) is a joke/troll or a parody of The9, or if he actually is of Eastern nationality.
    One thing is for sure, this shit is all weird lately.
    It's hard not to assume the worst, but I continue to wait for facts to present themselves.
  17. Bl4ckhunter

    Bl4ckhunter Active Member

    servers are paid in advance so there's that or if they're running in house "basement-style" servers as evidence seems to prove they are, they'll probably will be up untill either the isp or the electric provider cuts the lights, you don't need expansive server structure to get an odd hundred players playing, hell, i don't know how exactly heavy firefall servers are but i bet that an high end computer could do the job just the same with an high bandwidth connection for the little players left
  18. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    Ask Grummz the cost of running an inhouse data center. Bandwidth may be expensive, but the power and cooling costs would make any normal person cry.

    As for the amount of servers, I am assuming they arnt tin, but some kind of VM setup, capable of spinning up new servers for shards as required, whatever, this is NOT somehting that you can run on a high end computer.

    My own PC has 16 CPUs, 64 GB of RAM and a few TB of SSD disks, specifically to allow me to recreate costomer networks. I doubt this would be enough to create most online games that involve any form for decent AI.

    I am assuming the AI is handled by its own subsystem, have to get the G man to let us know, but that on its own is heavy duty crap.

    If Firefall was dead, the lights on the clusters would have been the first thing to be turned off
  19. Gordro

    Gordro Frame Founder

    Awesome :)
  20. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    isn't it rather like schrödingers cat?

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