Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. eRuss

    eRuss Deepscanner

    Deadpool_8_Hawthorne_Story_Thus_Far_Variant-800x445.jpg Yay, I got $100 credit thanks for doing this! Keep it up!
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  2. GuardianV

    GuardianV New Member

    Awesome Ty for doing this..
  3. Abyssalrider

    Abyssalrider New Member

    started playing in 2014 but never used the forums, so I can't get the credit, oh well.
    Account Age
    over 2 years
    (created July 28, 2014 13:30)
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  4. ShadowProxy

    ShadowProxy New Member

    Anyone with a Digital Deluxe founders pack able to get the $20-$100 founder thing to work with the (Show Founder Icon) cuz I have mine shown but still says I need to show it on my profile or does the offer not work with Digital Deluxe packs and only option is to use veteran?
  5. Armicast

    Armicast New Member

    Nice job guy's, i'll be here to give the concept another go. After all you were so close to something awesome...
  6. myxaplix

    myxaplix New Member

    With all the changes of bosses and games changes, I somehow lost any reference to my having a founders pack. Oh well, its the thought that counts. Will be satisfied with my vet discount
  7. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    Upload to SIN link :)

    Shared on G+ #em8er

    Seeya all @ Rachet's

  8. Thomio

    Thomio Deepscanner

    Thank you! The migration worked like a charm :) Now i'm even more looking forward to the game!
  9. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    SIN Uplink complete. Let's retake this place.

    On a serious note, my thanks to Mark Kern and the folks running Crixa. It means a lot to me that the original vision of Firefall is being kept alive.

    Prepare for arcfold, folks!
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  10. Wyveres

    Wyveres New Member

    now i know, maybe this time i get the game i want ^^, worked like a charm ^^ great great great keep up with your work!
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  11. Rilos

    Rilos New Member

    Founder Rilos checking in, Sir!

    Man, if we get anything like Firefall was end of 2012 thru mid 2013 you will have myself & the =AUS= masses back, i shit you not. We are gonna come tear that shit up!
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  12. Phototonic

    Phototonic Deepscanner

    Fantastic! Thank you for doing this.
  13. Sonic Nova

    Sonic Nova Death Reaper - Firstclaimer

    To see the Em-8er team remember the Founders (and their investment into a promising game that ultimately failed) and to make their investment not go in vain, it got me a little choked up. I had very little money to my name when I started playing Firefall, and I wanted to support it because I enjoyed it and wanted to see it reach full release. I gave as much as I could at the time and now, years later, to see the same game I helped fund and loved so much fall to pieces has made me very sad over it. But now knowing that they still have the Founders' backs has given me a greater desire to see this game make the light of day, and stay there. Keep up the astounding work!
    -Sonic Nova, former Firefall Lieutenant, current Em-8er Death Reaper
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  14. Rakish

    Rakish New Member

    When I saw an article about the offer on Massively Overpowered I signed up right away and synced my account. Nice that my Firefall account is still worth something :)

  15. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    The digital deluxe has nothing to do with founder packs which were offered for a short period during beta.

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  16. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    I wish we could extend this offer to all packs, but only the founder packs are verifiable via the forums. We don't have access to the original Firefall accounts, unfortunately. That is why we have the minimum $10 credit just for being a forum member in 2015 and before.
  17. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre New Member

    The FF forums won't log me in - whenever I click the login button it just keeps loading. Could I do something else for verification? I still have my arclight poster...
  18. Abyssalrider

    Abyssalrider New Member

    wish I'd had the foresight to join the forums when I started playing in 2014, alas I never joined them until today. But I'm still reporting for duty again, Nighthawk for life!
  19. Pelli

    Pelli New Member

    Sweet news... thanks for giving us hope again. Too bad I lost a while ago my email and with it my Ensing firefall Founders but it doesn't matter I had another account from 2013 already linked to em8er ;)
  20. Xelan

    Xelan New Member

    Pretty cool. Thanks.
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