Fan Kaiju Ideas


Tsi-Hu Hunter
Jul 26, 2016
This isn't official or nything, just for fun...

you make your own kaiju. Here's how it works

1. Category of Kaiju (0-5)
2. abitities (eg. does it fly, ranged/melee damage, ice breath, fire breath, etc)
3. Describe or Draw a picture of it.
4. Name it/additionl information

so here's mine:

1. cat 0
2. very aggressive individually, can combine with others of its kind to make shapes, can gunk up your frame
3. a molten goo monster
4. lava worm


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Small kaiju with dimly glowing red eyes at night 1000s of them!

Ability just like the hungry hungry hippo game they have a super eat mode that turns them into eating machines very hungry and attempt to eat mech feet and limbs.

They are very small and run all over the place but when they are in a pack they stay still unless the pack is disturbed somehow causing them to all charge towards you!

Due to their high octane hunger the side effects are indigestion that causes toxic farts and if 1 is painfull think about a swarm of them :O

These small pests are called
Micofartju they know the deadly art of fart and eating it is there sole purpose to make a sustain amount of gas cloud and live happy, they are quite the stinkers


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
1.) Bring back kanaloa or baneclaw as cat 3 or 4.
2.) Or how about this one as cat 3?
I Like when the giraffe popped by and said hello this would make a fantastic kaiju for long range and scoping ahead from above.

I like the idea of small hands that resemble spiders with orifices that lay other small hands if you dont kill the main small hand the other small hands continue to unleash more small hands and you know what many small hands can do tickle you to death :O


Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Kahuna M.A.X.
Sep 6, 2016
Category 0
Individual danger level L (unchecked can develop beyond SSS)
Abilities flying, spores
Beach head creature, it initialy appears as rock like egg of various sizes.

Upon arrival and detection of a suitable ecology around it, the pressurized egg ruptures like a paint bomb and releases a thick cloud of airborne microspores settling on and sticking to anything.
While plantlive is converted with frightening efficiency, sentient victims can look forward to an agonizing death as they are litteraly dissolved while releasing swarms of flies that in turn begin to smear spores everywhere.

The diabolical sporefly can live off a mangled form of photosynthesis, eradicating large swathes of biology within hours with ever increasing clouds. However, they're dumb as shit, attracted to light sources and extremely flamable. Igniting swarms leads to explosions.
Likes: Pandagnome