Fake Accounts/bots/spam


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
How do we reduce or prevent fake accounts/bots/spam?


- A verification process at the start e.g type 3 random digits stated e.g. 8th, 3rd and 2nd from a Reaper code sent once to you to keep safe for future use etc etc.

- Unused Account for a very long time temp paused until re-activated, could be warned before final removal after e.g. 1 year time.

- Re-activating paused account confirmation process e.g. perhaps introduce yourself in the welcome section and confirm Reaper code 3 digit from the 12 digit code given.

- Spam watch members keeping an eye for that to pass to the right team to remove or redirect to the right spam thread.

I am sure there are others good ways to reduce this to even prevent such as malicious intent e.g. phishing occurring though i am not technical minded when it comes to all that hmm