Evasion tactics


Aug 14, 2016
This thread is all about evasion tactics and maneuvers. What options do we have in the game to avoid taking damage, with or without the aid of technology? So post your ideas on ways to avoid taking damage.

I started this thread because I'm an anti-tank player by nature. Not only in the sense that my attack style is designed to bypass defenses and/or use the enemy's own defense against them. But also in my mind set of the best way of not getting hurt is by not getting hit in first place. I have played games where my characters zero points in defense and health because they had more than 99% evasion odds form all attacks. A great example being in Anarchy Online with my old fixer class character, even more so when I have Grid Armor turned on.

Anyway I'll start.
  • Jukes / sidestepping - A juke is a move in most forms of American football used to evade a tackler by deception, and thus without need of a stiff arm. It can also be called sidestepping. A typical juke involves a ball-carrier faking as if he will run one way, then planting his foot and running the opposite.
    • Because the Omniframes use a biofeedback system this move would be easy to do for anyone trying to avoid close range attacks unaided.
    • With aid of technology the existence of omnidirectional thrusters or just having mobility thrusters in key locations on the body (more common on mecha that can travel in space) they can use those thrusters to quickly move from side to side. There is also the option of using grappling hooks and anchor lines to yourself out of the way faster.
  • Stealth - Super simple they can't attack you if they not even of aware of you. And even if they are aware of you they can't find you.
    • Unaided there are lots of things people can do these that is worth a whole thread in and of itself.
    • With aid of technology we can use things like thermoptic camouflage with noise cancelling counter sounds. As well as things like smoke screens and holographic decoys. (Note if the idea of things like solid light exist in this game than it could be possible for your holographic decoys to do things like pick up objects and even fire weapons.)
  • Short range teleporting / Blinking - Using the same technology as ships on a much smaller scale some people use it move objects around over relativity short ranges. It takes a lot amount of energy to do and so can quickly over tax the system if used to many times in a row back to back. (Note some weapon manufacturers use this technology in some of their higher end weapons. Like guns that can teleport ammo into the magazine or swords with blades that can teleport through walls and shields.
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Omni Ace
Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
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Jeez, I haven't thought about Anarchy Online since 2009. I loved that game.

Agree with the list though, I'll add two.

Repulsion - use of high-grade tech to deflect projectiles prior to impact. It would likely function more as a sustained ability with a constant power draw that increases the more projectiles it deflects. Pour all of your core power into this ability at all times for the below-named buiid.
Certain abilities - in the current demos, you can dodge grappling hooks by deepstryking. It's not 100% effective, but it works. I could see other abilities that serve a specific function also working as a impromptu dodge when needed. Even certain weapons could do this depending on the omniframe hitbox (thinking more of the animation in Warframe for the "Redeemer" weapons and how the character moves).


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Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
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Keeping the body profile lower
- Crouching
- Prone
- Rolling to dodge

Hiding using
- Shrubs, junk pile, Trees, Caves, objects etc
- Removing sources of light
- Inside Containers / pods even boxes!

Anti Tracking
- With the use of special foot gear prints are barely seen as it masks the prints even changing them to
tsi-hu print etc. Especially useful for the more advanced tracking tsihu and other smarter opponents.

- Scent block tech on Reaper and could have scent/pheromones nade to distract specialized tracking sniffers

- Lower emission/energy profile reduces signature of jet thrusters and weapon fire at the cost of raw power. More trickier to be detected including reduced sound and even heat.
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Aug 14, 2016
The stealth walking thing reminded me of something years ago that I forgotten in my martial arts days. Because I naturally have a habit of subconsciously walking and running on my toes without my heels ever touching the ground I move both fast and make little sound for a person of my size. (Trust me, it even as little kid I got use to people doing things like pulling a knife on me just because they didn't notice me come into the kitchen.) Anyway, that lead to topic of how large animals are stealthy despite their size. One of them being the elephant. Have you ever noticed how despite their size and mass that elephants footsteps make little to no sound when they walk or run? This is because how they feet spread out as they walk muffling any sound they would make from stepping on things. This how elephants can "snake up" on people in the wild and make it harder to follow them in the woods.

I bring this up because I also remember years ago (over 20 years ago) of an anime with mecha that also did this. But having like inflatable air cushions on the feet of the mecha not only was they able to reduce the sounds it made when walking but also acted to hide any footprints it made so enemy mecha couldn't identify what it is that made the tracks even if they did find them. But even outside of the reasons of stealth the inflatable air cushions was also useful for walking in soft snow and lose sand.
Aug 14, 2016
Anti-weapon systems - These are weapons and devices that are designed to counter the existence of another type of weapons. This include cyber warfare and hacking. Here are some examples.
  1. Anti-missile array - Often times a small fast moving missile that can intercept other missiles mid flight with the hops of destroying them before the warhead can be triggered. (We use this in real life with our anti-nuclear missile defense system.). There is also the anti-nuclear missile defense laser system which is a laser array that is designed to track and shot down missiles with the use to high energy lasers. (We have this in real life too, but not in wide spread use atm. There are also examples of this system being built into mecha in games (like Armored Core) and anime (like Gundam).
  2. Cyber warfare - This is something that be the start of if its own thread. But in the terms of this thread it is the ability to hack the enemy weapons to make it so they never fire or that if they do fire they will miss the target and/or to cause a premature detonation. In terms of a fantasy setting this type of cyber warfare would equate to things like casting silence on enemies (stopping them from using their abilities) or using chaos on them (adding randomness to everything so there is a high risk of enemy attacks to fail or backfire on to them).
Also, If it is possible for us to grab and pick up enemies in this game. I would love to do something that I do in other games that is to use other enemies in the area as meat shields for me. Normally the ability to grab and pick up enemies is linked to your ability to throw them. But of you can pick when you want to throw them you can just carry them around all you want. In those types of games I love with I can force enemies to take hits for me. And in boss fights where there are adds I can use the adds not only as weapons (picking them up as throwing them at the boss to do damage) but I can also use the adds to block damage from the boss when does things like AOEs. And given how in Em-8er the enemies will come in a lot of size ranges I can see us having the ability to just pick up some of the smaller and/or light mass enemies.
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