Enemies and ways for beating them!


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Sep 15, 2017
Today, most of PVE enemies in games are just bullet sponges, especially bosses.
I remember of some old games, where enemies (not just bosses) had some interesting mechanics, like become invulnerable during certain conditions, dodge some of our attacks, being annoying because they are fast or give special conditions like slow, stun…

What do you want to see in Em8er?
Some simple enemies where the weak ones die quickly and bosses are just bullet sponges, or some more interesting and harder enemies where they can still die quickly but we need to think first before starting the attack.

What do you think?
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Aug 5, 2017
From what I have seen in early developement Vids, Mark Kern and the rest of the Em-8ER Team showed some 'semi' intelligent npc models that would hide when targeted or 'cross haired' for shooting. It was kind of spooky seeing them pull out of sight and I imagined them waiting for you to sneak up on them before they pounced back and Ka-Boooom you to pieces!! :)


Jul 26, 2016
I would love to have a trick/twist with standard adversaries to include a good bit of airborne opponents due to our Jump jet and gliding mobility so we may be challenged not only in the air but at higher elevations (cliff tops/sides, tops of buildings/bases, etc.).
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Jun 26, 2018
Some Boss/Rare enemy ideas:

1. A fast moving and dodging one, that only uses melee to attack. [Can be killed best when its stunned]

2. One with a shield made out of things being in the open world (eg. trees, big rocks, etc.), that nullifies or denies a percentage of damage. [Best way to take it down is by being in a team. One player distracts it and the other one gets behind it and deals damage]

3. Fast running suicide bombers. ( maybe some types of them spill toxic stuff or lava or something on the ground which, when standing on it, will deal damage) {They probably wont have much health and explode even when they're killed} [Just try to keep out of the splash radius, when you kill them]

4. Maybe some flying ones that are mobile in the air, but when hit have some trouble keeping momentum and crash on the ground, so players can finish them off better.

5. A single enemy, when hurt it releases a screeching sound, that spawns more of the enemy. ( maybe they spawn by coming out of the ground like zombies in movies) [Best way to defeat it is killing it in one or two hits or stun it and then kill it]
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