EmberBot goes naked!


Max Kahuna
Max Kahuna
Forum Tech
Jul 26, 2016
Now that I got your attention! :cool: ... For the upcoming Publish 8 update of EmberBot I'd like to try give everyone insight and some participation into her development. You'll be able to see what features are planned, what is currently being worked on and what is done for the upcoming update.

For this purpose I've utilized Trello which provides Kanban Board style interface. Board is divided into lists which divide tasks represented by cards into different states. Each card has it's own description, labels, checklists and votes. Simple.

Registered Trello users can thumb up cards and I'll use that to give different tasks a priority. You can't add cards yourself, but you can make a suggestion in #feature-suggestions channel and if approved, I'll create one in Backlog and some day may even work on it! :D

Thank you for your continued support and interest!

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Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
My suggestion would be em8erbot change colour for the seasons she would turn a tomato colour in the summer as it gets hot, in the winter she will turn into a blue lady and the rest i have no idea what about green for spring and autumn would be purple hmm anyways her nose ring is missing something perhaps some led's to light up the firey breathe ..... is she a dragon kaiju bot of some kind?