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    A central location for all miscellaneous information needed for the Ember RP. Post your maps, weapon specs, detailed agendas, and location lists here!

    Also a great place for links and images to outside resources when used as references.
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    All of my tech is free to use, but if you didn't reasonably start out in the RP with it, please try to acquire it through roleplaying. That's what we're here for, after all.

    EB-843 "Huntsman" Gauss rifle: A stripper clip-fed, bolt-action, battery-powered coilgun of Bradley's own design that utilizes electromagnets in the configuration of a linear motor to accelerate solid slugs. It can accelerate its tungsten carbide rounds to different speeds, depending on necessity: at subsonic speed, the rifle is nearly silent except for the bolt-action mechanism itself, and is useful for hunting or stealth applications. At supersonic speeds, the rifle can accelerate its rounds to armor-piercing capabilties, although this makes the rounds far louder. Its battery can be swapped out when necessary, and firing it at faster speeds depletes the battery much more quickly, as well as wears out the electromagnetic coils inside the receiver.
    SOLIS Mark V "Sunhawk" Handgun: A more conventional firearm, the Mark V pistol is beast that fires .50 caliber rounds from a 10-round magazine. Designed for self-defense use by Planet Reapers, the Frontiersman is more than capable of deterring even the larger sorts of fauna one might find on a alien planet.
    EB-TV Mk II "Lumberjack" Machete: A simple titanium-vanadium alloy machete with a pressure treated wood handle, this machete is Emily's backwoods workhorse.
    BR-429 "Woodsman" Hoverbike: A hoverbike designed by Brandon Bradshaw, the BR-429 is a common sight in the Burrow. Although suitable for use in more exploratory and dangerous situations, the Branlen is often used by townsfolk as a commute vehicle and for daily use around the Burrow and surrounding areas. It comes standard with a cold fusion nuclear reactor and an engine that puts out a maximum speed of 300 kph (186 mph), as well as storage space behind the rider's seat, room for two occupants, and an optional harness for both pilot and passenger.
    Update 8-3-16
    SOLIS Mark VII "Ironhide" Field Engineer's Armor: A high-quality element of Bradley's armory, the "Ironhide" armor is built specifically with combat engineers in mind. Also designed and manufactured by the well-renowned technology company SOLIS, Bradley acquired this from its previous owner after he forgot to wear it on a thumping expedition, and subsequently met an expected fate.

    Its bodyglove, temperature-regulated and heat-resistant, is comprised of high-strength aramid fibers that provide reasonable protection primarily against piercing damage such as small arms fire. Its plates, built from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, provide much better resistance against both ranged and melee trauma. Its helmet is equipped with a full heads-up display suite, with scanning, communications, and computational capabilities.

    The field engineer's suit also has many pockets for storing additional ammunition and miscellaneous items, as well as various straps that afford a good level of external customization. Its left gauntlet comes equipped with high-level diagnostics software and scanning equipment, as well as a limited flash-forge capability: given the requisite raw materials, it can create mechanical tools and components in the field, given that they are not excessively complicated.



    Scientific Name: Mogera Xenomorpha

    Biology: The common molehound is bipedal with a humanoid shape, two arms and legs, arched spines, and large round heads that prominently display large noses, gaping jaws, and large teeth. They are biologically similar to the Earth mole, as indicated by its scientific taxonomic classification.

    Breeding: The method by which molehounds reproduce is currently unknown.

    Strengths: The molehound's primary strength is its vast numbers: packs of molehounds can easily overrun fortified positions if their numbers are large enough, and few individuals stand a chance of defeating a group of 'hounds on their own. Molehounds are aggressive and extremely territorial, and utilize their large claws and teeth to rip and tear their prey. They can also burrow underground, and often use this as a mode of transportation and ambush.

    Weaknesses: Despite their large size and strength in numbers, individual molehounds are easily taken down by experienced frontiersmen. In addition, most molehounds' flesh is unarmored, and can be easily penetrated by most firearms and melee weapons.

    Diet: Molehounds are carnivorous, and have even been seen to devour the carcasses of slain members of their own species.

    Behavior: Predators of the most vicious caliber, molehounds are known to ambush T.H.M.P.R. teams and Reaper colonies both, searching for prey. They have clearly adapted to the tactics of Planet Reapers, as they recognize the sound and movement of T.H.M.P.R.s as indicating nearby flesh ripe for the eating (the MEK-A's guardians).

    Communication: The molehounds clearly have the capability to communicate with each other, as their pack mentality is coordinated and effective, but it is unknown how this is specifically accomplished, whether through scent, movement, or vocalizations of some kind.

    Planet: The Burrows' (unnamed planet)
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    (The equipment is free to use, they also gets mass produced)

    UZ2 AR mod.0:
    A selective fire bullpop Assault rifle based on the UZ1 Carbine and designed by 'Larulir' and 'Nunaden' Nolte.
    Mods: angled grip, AHS5-4M1 hybrid sight (holosight with removable 4x zoom magnifier) on picatinny rails, muzzle break
    Ammunition: 6.5 Grendel
    Compatible magazines: UZM1 (30-rounds box magazine), UZM2 (55-rounds casket magazine), UZM3 (90-rounds drum magazine)
    Properties: High accuracy, high recoil, medium rate of fire (660 rounds/minute), medium weight, Range up to 600 meter

    UZ3 PRO SMG: A selective fire lightweight SMG based on the UZ2 Assault rifle, both designed by 'Larulir' and 'Nunaden' Nolte.
    Mods: compact collimator on picatinny rail, flashhider
    Ammunition: 9x19mm Parabellum
    Compatible magazines: UZPM1 (25 rounds), UZPM2 (40 rounds)
    Properties: Medium accuracy, medium recoil, high rate of fire (900 rounds/minute), low weight, Range up to 100 meter

    UZ3 PRO SMG mod.1: A modification for silent operations.
    Mods: angled grip, compact collimator, suppressor (integrated), lighter bolt assembly
    Ammunition: 9x19mm Parabellum
    Compatible magazines: UZPM1 (25 rounds), UZPM2 (40 rounds)
    Properties: Medium-high accuracy, medium recoil, high rate of fire (960 rounds/minute), low-medium weight, Range up to 100 meter

    Lik CTS: The Lik CTS (Compact Tesla Sword) is an electrical compact sword produced by Lik arms inc. It is able to be used with "normal" current and "deadly" current.
    Normal Current: 50 Kilovolts at 15 Watts; 0.0003 Amps (changeable)
    Deadly Current: 75 Volts at 15 Watts; 0.2 Amps
    Battery: Osmium High capacity rechargeable battery.

    AHS5-4M1 hybrid sight: An Assault Holo Sight with a color-adjustable floating dot and a adjustable mildots with a removable 4x Mark 1 Magnifier.

    AHS5S-XMS1: A Special Assault Holo Sight with color-adjustable floating dot, adjustable mildots and target recognition and tracking system with built-in auto-adjusting Magnifier Mark S-1, which is able to adjust zeroing based on wind direction, wind speed and aiming distance.

    6.5 Grendel 'Wolf Grinder' Special ammo: A special 6.5 Grendel ammo type. It uses a special round filled with Oraium circuits that hyperload on impact weakening or disabling energy shields. Using a 140 grains AMPSL4 (Accelerated Medium Powder Salt Load 4) due to the increased bullet weight.
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    Needleguns: Manufactured uncommonly across the galaxy, needleguns are discreet self defense weapons of spotty legality. All needleguns are coilguns accelerating a heavy (132-252 gram) ferrous flechette at just below the speed of sound (~346 meters a second at optimal conditions), resulting in a projectile that carries muzzle energy that compares favorably with heavy conventional pistol cartridges with a completely silent retort.
    Needleguns come in both pistol and long-gun configurations, with carbine or submachine gun shapes firing heavier flechettes, and are produced in both semi-automatic and manual-action. In addition, most needleguns come with an electric current dial to let its operator keep a noiseless shot in differing atmospheres and ambient conditions, with high-end needleguns sometimes coming with a system to perform such an action automatically.
    Servicing a needlegun is a simple affair; the only moving parts within the gun are the trigger system and feeding system, which in a semi-automatic variant is electrically operated but for manual-actions is completely mechanical. As such, keeping it clean is easy, and it is hard to foul the weapon. The presence of micronized electrical systems in the power supply and coils means that field repair of damaged electrical parts is all but impossible, although replacement systems are easy to find and install wherever needleguns can be acquired.
    Due to needleguns' obvious destructive potential, many more-civilized planets and systems have outlawed their possession by private individuals, with potentially harsh punishments for anyone found with such a weapon. Yet these bans are by no means universal, and many more lawless systems and the remaining border zones leave them completely legal to buy, yet potentially difficult to own due to tariffs, red tape, and buyer taxation required before ownership is realized.

    Sanders's needlegun is a small pistol configuration with a manual action that involves pulling the slide back to slot another flechette, looking like nothing so much as a Frommer Stop with an elongated barrel sans an ejection port and made out of durable polymer and ceramics, firing smaller (140 gram) flechettes with an average muzzle energy of 510 joules (375 foot-pounds), and carries a maximum effective range of 270 meters (~900 feet).
    It can be reloaded from the bottom by hand or with stripper clips, and has a six shot capacity, and Sanders commonly uses both semi-frangible steel flechettes and tungsten-cored penetrator flechettes, although other ammunition types exist for most needleguns.
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    Info on Red's shop(s), how her business is run and her personal weaponry.

    Red's Liquor and Tobacco
    Even though she's not been at The Burrow for too long she's already made sure to set up shop and start earning some cred. The locals know it simply as "Red's" and it's exactly what it says on the tin. She sells a wide variety of alcohol and tobacco (some of which are hard to come across) which she has acquired through her intergalactic travels.

    Moon Firearms
    Located downstairs from Red's Liquor and Tobacco; the entrance is disguised as a slide-up tobacco cabinet behind the counter.
    Her arms dealing business, something she is well known for in the underground world as it's not exactly legal. In fact it's far from it. The weapons she has in stock are often obtained through deals with other illegal arms dealers or, when things become complicated, through espionage and (as a last resort) violence. Which she's unfortunately seen a lot of. Red is no pirate or raider though, she only takes what is "rightfully" her's, as in if someone tries to double cross her she doesn't take it lightly. She's a ruthless business woman at heart but people only see a young innocent girl. How wrong they find themselves.
    In terms of how she actually deals with customers she usually has all the documents and such for the weapons she sells as to protect the buyer from being prosecuted. The only person who is outside of the law is herself and she keeps it that way for those who prefer it. If a customer enters her shop looking to buy weapons, she will know about their arrival beforehand and if she doesn't, she will not do business as to protect herself. This way she is able to keep Moon Firearms customers in her datapad contacts and maintain a more personal relationship with them.

    (Weapon descriptions will come later)
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    Kavadas has a 'standard issue' pistol, and while he carries one variant of it, being a reliable weapon, there are innumerable variations by now. Here's my take on it, the tech, and the like. It'd be free to use to all, and reasonably easy to aquire in both shops and off of dead people.

    The M.A.G.-6 handgun system was designed from the ground up as a reliable, all-purpose service pistol for the Earth Defense Force military, and the system proved so successful that it has become the only weapon to be found in every single unit, if not in front-line service, than in rear-echelon troops, support garrisons, and as a 'duty weapon' for those on post in non-combat areas.

    The MAG-6 is a culmination of many weapons system developments over the past 250 years, and it has a gas-operated delayed blowback action, that due to the long recoil spring, never truly 'bottoms out', and this keeps the traditionally sharp recoil of a handgun down to a bare minimum, especially with no external slide or hammer. The base version is fed from a ten-round detachable magazine from just in front of the trigger guard, although due to the weapon's modularity, it's not uncommon to see other magazine types from different versions in this configuration. The only true 'standard' to a MAG-6 is the round it fires, the powerful .458 'Devastator' ammo, which is a high-powered, medium velocity handgun magnum cartridge. It has sufficient power for all uses save for defeating heavy personal body armor, but the sheer force it can impart can knock over a human male wearing heavy armor, and follow-up shots can compromise the armor to the point of failure.

    Several standard-issue variants that have gained notoriety have been the carbine and sub-machinegun versions, which utilize the same frame and reciever, as well as the same elongated 12-inch barrels, though the carbine, due to use in confined spaces, is fed from a non-detachable magazine that loads individual cartridges or 10-round stripper clips from the top, after locking the bolt to the rear. The SMG version feeds from 35-round detachable 'casket' magazines, which while bulky, are compact enough to not affect the weapon's performance when prone or in supported firing positions. Both can feature an array of stocks, from folding skeleton stocks to full-polymer composite stocks, and an array of accessories from flashlights, to mild-magnification optics and reflex sights.

    All semi-auto variants are capped at a cyclic rate of 180 rounds per minute to prevent excess wear on the internal components, and the fully-automatic versions with their higher-density internals can fire at 450 rounds per minute, the slow fire-rate deemed a necessity to reel in the immense recoil of the .458 round. This is somewhat lessened by heavier components such as long barrels, counter weights, or full stocks, but, even the heaviest sub-machinegun versions suffer from immense recoil to anyone but powered-suit operators when fired in full-auto.

    As a result of this, it is impossible to re-tool a semi-auto version of the MAG-6 into a fully-automatic version, and while many bootleg versions have been attempted, the lighter internal components mean the weapon is extremely prone to dangerous failures, which have led to numerous documented injuries and even fatalities.
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    For the sake of clarification as I didn't necessarily get around to it before with Duke and his gear I guess I may as well add some of the doodads he's carrying around in all those ammo pouches and Bags.

    ZUS-50 Heavy Pulse Pistol.

    .50 AE High Velocity Full metal Jacket round: Your standard ballistic full jacket round designed for high stopping power and only standard penetration. This is usually far more than enough to kill large xeno's most people, or any living thing within the first round. Which is why this is the ammunition most found On Dukes Kit. Of course with such a large bullet the magazine size is limited allowing only around 6 shots but only the MOST heavily armored of individuals would even consider trying to stay open to that. Or just plain stupid. Due to the low capacity of these magazines and his frequent use of them he carries well more than he should on his kit but certainly not enough to weigh him down any.

    ACC-17 mod. Barrel Attachment: Now, by itself the ZUS isn't actually the full package, as the name implies as a pulse pistol it was actually designed with a longer barrel and outer attachment that allowed it to fire a special ammunition. Duke felt this was a bit to large for his tastes and with the assistance of an engineer friend of his actually managed to take this piece of, make it an attachment (much like a suppressor or barrel tip) to allow for it to still be used if Duke saw fit. What it is essentially is a magnetic stabilizer and accelerator to allow for the firing of PULSE ammunition and other specialized rounds that generally could NOT be fired by a conventional firearm.

    PULSE Ammunition/Magazines:

    Originally the intended projectile of this firearm, pulse ammunition is Caseless Directed energy fired from a battery magazine loaded normally that uses an ion core to fire compressed and magnetically stabilized Plasma out at hypersonic speeds. Penultimately a blaster at this point the only reason to use this would be to kill something of a very heavily armored target variety...or ya know melt a human being. The pro's to this ammunition look GREAT on paper however in practice...it works only so and so. The advertised hypersonic speed was basically just a nice way of saying a big blue bolt moving fast enough. The reality is while yes the IMPACT of the round is indeed very powerful it actually has a slower travel speed than conventional rounds. Of course that was second only to the fact that releasing ion energy through an attachment is risky business. Firing to fast, or too much, could lead to SEVERE weapons damage and actual complete failure of the weapon in general. The plus to this is that the battery mags are good for about 200 shots a piece. So using this is a pro and con game. Duke prefers less variables but can switch it up if he needs too. Usually only carries two magazines of this particular ammo.

    MoD-40 Carbine:

    .300 Magnum (modified): A modified variant of an ancient classic. The hunter's best friend with one of the longest ranges short of fully blown cannon rounds (yeah im including 12.7mm ammunition here.) Only this time it's got chemistry going for it here in the future where in far more capable substitutes for general gunpowder exist and the metal space age alloys to contain such a reaction also exist. Effectively pushing the Range even FARTHER. This is the bulk of the ammunition that makes up his kits loadout. Carrying around ten magazines for a total of 100 rounds with a rifle that is capable in almost any situation he's more than ready to deal with anyone coming his way.

    SBT-AP300: A design of a very...experimental, and questionable nature. The question being, how much armor should a rifle be able to puncture. The answer, As much as goddamned possible. These rounds are illegal, plain and simple. Essentially SABOT rounds built to be fired out of a rifle the flechette itself is designed of an alloy built to absorb kinetic energy as it moves to maximize penetration power. These rounds WILL hit super sonic with enough travel time. Now that being Said, to be found having this ammunition would mean jail time, it's been outlawed in most solar systems and the only reason duke carries one or two magazines of this around with him. Is because he had the oppertunity to shoot it once. And has since ALWAYS wanted it with him. However he only has 5 rounds per magazine so has to be very sparing with his shots.
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    Suppose I'll weight in my guy's kinetic equipment as a mass-produced product, however Carson's is custom-tailored in nature. I'll add more later, and perhaps shell out other uses for the kinetics.

    As a planet with heavy imports and even heavier exports of kinetics technology and weaponry, Sothor, along with its leading manufacturing corporation, Sothor Kinetics & Technical, has designed a considerably vast array of kinetics-based equipment for the hit-and-gun soldiers on the field. While allowed for purchase among the general public - special consideration being given to those looking to score a fortune in the rather profitable Dig Rush - this technology is favored among planetary militia, peacekeeping units, and galactic PMCs all over the known and unknown systems. Said unique application of these kinetic modules can provide immediate benefit to any lethal and non-lethal situations where the technology is made useful.

    Kinetic Module Types
    • Physical/Plasma Weaponry | The most popular use of kinetics-based tech is applied as a modulation to civilian, military, and non-standard firearms. The degree of effects regarding kinetic modules depends on the weapons they are applied to; for example, applying kinetics to weapons of high rate of fire provides consistent knockback, but much slower heatsinking on energy-type weaponry and quicker degradation in physical-type weaponry, requiring careful use and care. Combining kinetics with plasma-enabled guns creates weapons of unmatched lethal prowess; adding to the force and impact of every shot based on the distance of shot to target, at the cost of reducing overall range as the shots degrade quickly after reaching a peak in energy. This trade-off has not stopped kinetic-type weaponry of all range classes to be created with the potent mix of plasma energy in mind.
    • Armor/Shielding | Naturally, a technology such as this isn't wasted on merely placing holes in whatever stands before you. Kinetics modules can be applied to armor and shield matrices to add to the protection of its wielder, and even provide an edge to combat. In standard ballistics armor, kinetic modulation reduces and can even reflect back physical impact against the armor plating, be it anything between a fist to a bullet; imagine the surprise of a would-be robber when his gunshot rebounds back into his own leg. This tech can also be applied to shields, with a differing effect: instead of simply mitigating harm, shields can use stored energy from physical attacks for a myriad of purposes, including even be programmed to store this kinetic force for the user to disperse back at their opponent. This can also apply to physical attacks made by the wielders themselves, allowing for consecutive strikes with ever-mounting force both stored and inflicted; this makes kinetics tech infamously popular amongst underground fighting rings. The power required to run these modules can be rather taxing on shields and self-powered suits, however, making energy costs considerably higher and requiring heavier-built armors to fully utilize the technology properly.
    • CQC/Melee | As mentioned previously, kinetics have a very promising future in the use of close-quarters combat, applied in creative ways across a broad scope of melee-oriented weapons across the systems. Bladed weaponry can be made to be non-lethal with application of kinetics - a crowd favorite among law enforcement - as well as allowing blunt weaponry to be even more devastating in their impacts. This has, sadly, also sparked controversy of its own; beyond violent crimes, it provides markedly unfair advantages in sporting events and the like.

    Notable Mass-Produced Kinetics Equipment

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    Notable Mass-Produced Non-Kinetic Equipment

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    Here are some weapons that my character uses:

    Hunter and Gatherer (HnG) .50 caliber sniper rifle: a very simple yet reliable design. No fancy gauss, rails, or lasers. Just a lot of gunpowder and a really big bullet. Its barrel is 20" long, and the total length is about three feet. It weighs in at about 20 pounds. Standard equipped with a spring recoil-dampening system, a 20x ballistic scope, and a muzzle break. (Anyone who knows the actual gun in the picture, I know, it exists. It's just an example of what it would look like and what it's based off of.)

    Scyther SMG: A compact, high fire rate bullpup SMG that is incredibly light. It fires 9mm pistol rounds through a high capacity stick magazine at 1,000 RPM. It weighs a mere three pounds! (same rule applies here as it did with the gun above)

    Feel free to use them too, if you want, or you can expand on a company's work! Since the company that made Scyther is unspecified, I'll give you some info on HnG Corp.

    Hunter and Gatherer: A company dedicated to bringing back and improving upon the weapon designs of the past. Popular among reapers, HnG offers a wide selection of versatile kinetic weapons based on old designs.
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    Sector: Unknown
    Pronunciation: "Bruisk"
    • 71% Nitrogen
    • 27.5% Oxygen
    • 0.5% SO²
    • 1% Other Gases
    Gravity: 2.5G
    Surface: 1.05 Billion km²
    Circumference: 1,816.22 km
    Radius: 289,061 km
    Volume: 101,171,000 km³
    Day Length: 26 Hours, 28 Minutes and 10 Seconds
    Sun-Rotation Length (Year Length): 427 Days and 4 Hours
    Surface temperatures:
    • Min: -25°C, -13°F, 294,15°K
    • Mean: 21°C, 69.8°F, 248,15°K
    • Max: 74°C, 165,2°F, 347,15°K
    Number of Countries: 1
    Mayor Countries:
    • Free Institutions of Bruisk (FIOB) - no official Capital, de facto capital: Stysh
    Political State:
    • mostly left-winged
    • lockdown of all scientific and national communication to other planets/systems
    • overall neutral planet (does not have interstellar alliances etc.)
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    Main stuff list

    main Drink: Evian equivalent mineral fountain of thmpr located in the resovoir of Ezigon

    main Food source: GM synthesized high yield content (Direct feed through bloodstream)

    main sport: battle mechs

    main hangout: Club nomnom, stripbotty bar Eclipse, Area 61.

    Main transportation: Reaper express, Aliensquid taxi

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