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Jul 27, 2016
Shadowhunter | Black Swan -> The Burrow

A black shadow of a ship enters the airspace around The Burrow. "Black Swan requesting landing permission" says a male voice. It sounds robotic as if spoken through a filter. "Burrow control to Black Swan, permission granted for landingpad 25."
With a *thump* the magnetic landing gear connects to the pad. People look up at the source of the noise just to be perplexed by the weird view. Where normally would be a middle sized ship there seems to be a black void, though shaped like a ship.
"Hmm," Shadowhunter thinks to himself, "Should I take all my gear with me? Ah well, you never know."

Opening the hatch he exits the Black Swan and takes a look around. He sees several other ships until he sees the customs checkpoint near the exit. He shrugs and sighs at the sight knowing it will take a looong time getting through there.
He stood there, most of the time silent as the customs officer went through his gear asking questions like "Who are you? What do you want here? What's this?" Pretty standart stuff. Everything went fine until the officer got to Shadowhunters Scythe/Hunter-Rifle.
"None of my scanners seem to give me data on this one, Sir. What the hell is that?" "Oh you know, just my transforming sniper rifle." Shadow answered nonchalant. "Your WHAT?" the officer almost shouts. "Here, let me show you, but you might want to take a few steps back." He grabs his weapon as the officer takes more than a few steps back. Shadow then pressed a few buttons on his rifle and begins to spin it around. As he does, it unfolds into a huge scythe. The officer takes a few more steps back shocked by the display. Apparently with his mask, hooded coat and big-ass scythe Shadow looked like the grim reaper. "Can i go now?" Shadow asks a little annoyed, while transforming his rifle back to normal. The still too stunned officer just stutters a "Y-yes, Sir. Wel-welcome to The Burrow"
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Jul 27, 2016
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Duke/The Burrow-Shawshank Mechanics

He looked between the two of them a rather unnerved and perturbed eyebrow raising before his hand softly removed itself from the handle of his pistol and instead found it's place in his other arm as he crossed them. Odd how both of the people talking to him seemed to be in the interest of work or curiosity and were asking HIM exactly what it was he was doing. Instead of giving a nice and polite answer he smirked and with about as much sarcasm as he could muster he replied.

"Well ya see, As a gunslinger and weapons man for hire I don't really even look the type to even deal with mechanics. Im here same as you. Im looking for the fine owner of this establishment who apparently up and left on some xeno hunting mission to save some sap who is probably going to be dead by the time they get there. So here I am waiting with you two." He said rather candidly but also with clear amusement on his face.


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Jul 28, 2016
Zion/ The Burrow/Shawshank Mechanics

Well fuck, guess I'm too late. The shop is shut tight and there's nothing I could do, I can come tomorrow but that'll be too long. Tapping on my earpiece, a holo HUD appear in front of me. I check my ammo count. Huh 30% energy left so that means around 500 shots. Gotta count my shots then, since I'm doing scouting I should only fire when necessary.

Checking the map I saw the closest location is around 10KM away, walking would take hours and I don't want to waste energy. Guess I have to rent a bike, I hope they have it here or I really have to walk.

Zion/ The Burrow/ Bike Rental

After 5 minutes of wandering I saw 1 nearby the landing strip, a wise location. Getting inside the shop I was greeted with a middle aged man, probably in his 30s. I asked him if he got any standard bikes left he just pointed the ones that are outside. Browsing the line of bikes, I notice they're well conditioned. Picking one of them with red and black colour and pay the man 300 credits. He said upon return he'll give some back but he'll deduct if there's any damage to the bike.

I mounted the bike and activate it, inputting my user control and the bike start to roar. Revving the bike several times to check if its still works, gotta be careful who knows how old this things is. After letting the bike warm up for 2 minutes I head out, the road is big enough so I wont crash to other people. Exiting the town I sped the bike faster. "Let's see how fast can you go baby" Putting the throttle to maximum the bike engines getting louder and louder like a beast unleashed. This is standard bike eh, maybe next time I rent the speed one just for the adrenaline rush.
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Jul 27, 2016
Klaira | The Burrow - Shawshank Mechanics

"Heh, I've met a few gunslingers in my travels. You're... certainly the tallest!" She stated before nervously chuckling.

She turns to the man that's smoking next to them, " So sorry! I didn't really see you there! I'm Klaira! And you are-?"
Attempting to at least offer to shake the man's hand failed almost miserably on her end, for her it looks like part of her forearm just randomly deflated. Embarrassed, she quickly took her hand back and nervously chuckled even more.

"Hahahahahahaha! Beg my pard- That was- I guess you can say I'm having -ahem- some technical difficulties! I'm just going to uh, ch-check on my ship! See if it...needs parts or.... ammunition.... Maybe some traveling goods, who knows! OKAybye."

And she began to walk off with her arm flapping limp as she moved.

What a great first impression that was. JUST BRILLIANT.

With her feeling a bit downcast, she climbed up her Crescent Flare, lied on top of it and looked at the sky. For normal people, the sun would burn their eyes or something like that. Speaking of going blind again, it sounded great right about then, but she would have felt their stares regardless... ....Stupid arm.


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Jul 27, 2016
Todd/The Burrow

He ignored the AIs protests with a certain amount of relief and satisfaction. As far as jobs went, things were going rather smoothly but the AI was just slightly too curious about, quite literally, almost everything. It was only just now that he felt comfortable going into a business meeting with the AI on his person. The deal in question this time was a bit of a unique situation and not having the AI asking question would go a long way towards helping things go smoothly.

The building he walked into was, thankfully, fully climate controlled. Unfortunately for anyone enduring the temperature outside the entrance was through a pair of heavy glass doors and an armed security guard. Todd nodded his way through and slipped into a nearly empty meeting room. He faced the only other occupant and leaned on the table.

"I've bought the debt that you owed to Trent and I'm calling it due."
Jul 27, 2016
Sanders/The Burrow

Apparently unaware or uncaring that he had been immediately made, Sanders swiftly stood up without using his hands and took off in a smooth, long gait after Morgan, matching her speed and keeping a few dozen feet back with a casual audacity that ended up helping him blend in to the scattered foot traffic; he acted as if he had nothing to hide, no goal in mind, his body language languid and confident like some sort of great cat.
Larulir | The Burrow

She almost ran into a few ppl when she ran out of the inn. She shortly looked at the holopad, tipping some stuff and activating the HUD of her helmet, her combat suit abruptly jumped to live drawing a bit of attention of the people standing around. She didn't care though, running off while trying not to bump into someone. Running over this or that hot lava vent that were keeping this place warm, unfortunate since it was summer which meant that the volcanic regions were hotter than 35° Celsius, one of the many places that had lakes that were not frozen solid by the normal cold weather. But she was fine with that, better than having almost 100% humidity while running through a forest. Before she left town she quickly looked through her stuff, holstered her rifle and then sped past the guards and over the bridge that led over a "small" crack in the ground.


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Jun 20, 2017
//Alright, let's hope I'm not rusty. And also that I'm not just preaching to a one man crowd.//

Dak | The Burrow

The travel was just shy of comfortable. A little too crowded, a little too bumpy, a little, a little, a little. He had his gripes but he figured if he'd voiced them they would be met with cold stares and laughs. Dak never liked military types. Too serious, too hive minded. He'd taken down a few soldiers in his past. Ones with vital information to some government that had gone rogue. They always seemed so sad and afraid. He always took the information to where it needed to go. Always away from the governments, always to some rebellious group of radicals. It was in his contract. Any gear that Dak deemed valuable was his to take. If he got hired, the client would have to recognize and understand that.

I ramble to myself too much, Dak couldn't help but think. His landing was smooth, however. The Take didn't have any new contracts for the next foreseeable month (all contracts had to be made in advance of at least a month, and no one had picked this one), so Dak decided to take a vacation. Away from shooting people and towards shooting other people, but for less pay, perhaps. Or just local wildlife. Dak really had no idea.

He took a deep breath, and stepped out of the ship he'd come on. The ship wasted no time closing itself and leaving. So much for friendly service, he thought, annoyed. Dak took in his surroundings, a faint air of distaste on his face as he perused the mugs of the locs (his own term for locals). He hated frontiers-people, if for no other reason than that his father was a frontiersman. Sometimes they reminded Dak too much of the man he despised. He quickly masked his quelling anger under a smile; after all, these people didn't have anything to do with his past. He had no reason to hate them... yet.

Dak grabbed a passerby and asked to be directed to the nearest bar. If he was going to pass judgement on the town, he would have to try their liquor. Dak secured the location from the bystander and made his way over to it. He was greeted with the scent of old whiskey, tabacco, and piss. Exactly his kind of place. Dak approached the bartender and ordered a shot of their most and least expensive drinks. He paid, in full, for a bottle of the least expensive they had. Something had always thrown him about vodka, so he stuck with the beer, which wasn't half bad if you drank enough to cover the piss water aftertaste. A few drinks later and he was feeling buzzed, right where he wanted to be. He'd guessed at the alcohol content and had been right, he assumed.

Dak figured the place wasn't so bad if their beer wasn't the worst thing he'd ever tasted. He removed himself from the building and out into the sun. A new planet, he thought to himself. Though, perhaps it isn't so different after all.


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Dec 15, 2016
//First time RPing here so mistakes could happen.//

Vindrax | The Burrow | Outpost 46

“Hey there, lizard boy. Whatcha been up to lately?” As Vindrax walked along the corridor, every insult to him was no more than just empty threats to him. Possibly so as he got used to it, Vindrax often gives those the finger. “Mommy, why there is a lizard man in here?” Vindrax even wondered why any parent would bring their child to places like this.

As Vindrax approaches the outpost lieutenant’s quarters, an uneasy feeling set inside him. Vindrax had no idea if the lieutenant was just as indifferent as those below. Once inside, the doors behind him closed by itself. “Vindrax reporting in, sir.” “Ah yes, Vindrax. You’re the wanderer here. Let me introduce myself. I am Chill Cassidy, lieutenant of Outpost 46.” Vindrax noticed something positive about Chill’s first impression as he didn’t first address himself first by rank. “I called you here because I want you to investigate a strange signal just a few miles off here.” Chill displayed the location on the monitor. “We thought it was just some random weather phenomena but this one has been making signal patters here. Please check it out.” “That’s all? Just some minor investigation?” “Yes but don’t make this seem too easy for you. We haven’t mapped out the area just yet so be careful out there.” Vindrax heeded Chill’s advice but the string of missions lately he did was about like this so to him, it was just another day at the office. After that, Chill dismissed Vindrax. As Vindrax left, he can’t seem to stop the urge of removing dead scale cells on his arms.


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Dec 15, 2016
Vindrax | The Burrow | ???

It has been a long time for The Burrow to expand its borders way beyond what Vindrax had thought. After all, Vindrax can’t expect to have the town remain the same size for months or even years before he got there. Because of this, Vindrax still had that feeling that he was still new here going along with the long time residents of The Burrow.

Vindrax went back to his undisclosed safe house after receiving orders from Lt. Chill at Outpost 46. Vindrax neither want to live inside The Burrow nor had any plans of residing there yet. It was because of his continuous distrust of the people caused by endless mocking to him as a lizard man. Vindrax wished that there would at least had the town access to that machine that made him now so that he could change his appearance to that of a normal human complexion.

Inside on what Vindrax would call home looked like a local machine shop. Shelves were lined with various tools and electronic parts. The centerpiece was his current working project; a ‘souvenir’ fit for a category 2 kaiju salvaged from one of Vindrax’s missions though with minor dents and scratches. Vindrax would have to continue analysing the souvenir after every mission though he had to keep this project a secret to anyone.

Vindrax went to his armoury to gear up for the mission. Even though this was just another signal investigation mission, Vindrax had to be safe and wore the armor pieces and helmet. He equipped his trusty shotgun, Deacon’s Hammer for the task at hand. Right before Vindrax left the safe house, he looked back at his souvenir pondering his intended long term goal of having his own kaiju.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
(S12) Santorion 12 / location: wastelands

Hisssing sound as the gas exit out of the vents, "Deploying S12"
causing a crater in the ground as it lands. "We have confirmation S12 deployed"

Whirring sounds initializing,..... activating Recon mode.
Lowers closer to the ground maintaining reduced visibility detection.
Scanning ...........................................................................................

Scan complete: population 762
Possible Threats: 1
Condition: harash/cold
Location: 5Km away from populated region.
Objective: Intelligence gathering/reporting & identifying weaknesses

Threat detection: 1 sniper
Sniper A - East higher altitude of tower

Action: Neutralize/capture

Awaiting for further conformation - HQ
Engine hums softly taking position behind pieces of an old destroyed Mech, then halts.


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Dec 15, 2016
//I’m going to assume that the planet has the same time of reference of Earth at 24 hours per day.//

Vindrax | The Burrow | Uncharted area, 2.4 miles outside Outpost 46

It was about 2 in the afternoon and Vindrax already had lunch at Outpost 46. Same as his childhood, Vindrax never had his lunch with anyone. The mess hall was almost void of people save the janitor and the cafeteria lady. Vindrax was never bothered about it anyway as he expected it coming all the time. Unlike anyone else, Vindrax showed some courtesy of finishing his meal down to the last nibble. Also, Vindrax frequently sent his finished plate to the counter instead of leaving it on the table saving the busboy some time for cleaning.

Just about more than a mile off Outpost 46, the surrounding environment was like like that of some bartender poured extra spicy hot sauce mixed in with crushed dry ice in a martini shaker then passed it to some hapless drunk thinking it would cure the hangover. Hailfire peaks would best describe the corrosive snow covered volcanoes. Terraforming was slow but expansion was necessary. Lieutenant Chill was right for one. The area was uncharted all right.

Vindrax contacted Chill regarding the mission, “You sure I’m going the right way?” “Yes, just keep following the path I sent you to your suit. Just remember, there’s no telling what you’ll find on the X.” Vindrax had to keep alert at all times since he was venturing in an uncharted area. Because of this, Vindrax’s heart is racing like mad every 100 yards closer to the signal’s last known location. Occasional volcanic activities doesn’t help much either. As he was getting closer, Vindrax had the feeling that he was being watched. “You’re getting closer, Vindrax.” “You’re making me nervous, you know that?” Vindrax readied his shotgun because at any moment, he recalled one experience about this before. Something would jump out and reach him just before the corner or drop.

As Vindrax round the corner, he saw something that caught his eye before the entrance to the inside of a volcano base entrance. “Well, what did you see there?” Vindrax examined the signal’s location and double checked to see if there were any remains. “There’s nothing in here. Is your computer making false positives again?” “That’s not true.” There was nothing left around however Vindrax had to explore what’s inside it; something went there whatever it was. As Vindrax went inside, Chill became concerned, “Vindrax, I’m losing your signal. What’s going on there?”
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