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  1. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    All of the below is a work in progress and will and possibly change in the future (sic)

    Crixa (the universe in which Ember is set) features only one sentient race so far, humans. All xenos to date have been non-sentient. Characters are to be done in a Udon style. There will be a revisit the old Tier system and see if we want to start with an improved version of that. The game will be set on multiple planets.

    The more you push your luck with THMPR the rarer resources you can get. The places will contain "pockets of terraforming" that players open up in undiscovered areas of map. Current idea is that planet has toxic atmosphere; you must build terraformers to open up pockets where you can mine freely.

    The most advanced civilization in Crixa is a human splinter colony that achieve a Type II Kardashev civilization. You can see their system on the Crixa homepage art the Dyson ring.

    It was proposed that the name of the opposing faction be called Yeadeksan xeno but this is yet to be confirmed.
    The idea of a fast travel network is also proposed, gateways to locations within the planet as well as interplanetary travel.
    Battlesuits will appear similar to the sharp/angled style of modernised motorbikes.
    Gliders are proposed mode of travel over vehicles as there's difficulty regarding in game physics and map sizes.
    A slot for cosmetics is also proposed that will have no contributing stats in addition to frame tech.
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  2. ARES Five-Five

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    So I'm thinking about where WE, the player, drop in from. Are we part of this "Advanced" civilization? Are we from another human faction? Since the only sentient races at this time are humans, that means the only conflicts can come from human to human.

    Are these cells kind of like sci-fi versions of tribes?
    We can travel the stars, but what about "Jump Jets" (salvaging from Firefall)?
    Because I am new, this might sound silly, but what is "THMPR"? I know what a Thumper is from Firefall, but are they related? Are they similar?
    Firefall had the Space-Orcs known as "The Chosen." Will there be any such threat here?

    These are just ideas to get started. It's hard to have a crystallized plan within Day 1.
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  3. Mr. Nova

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    I do like the availability of fast travel; however, vehicles are just awesome.

    Unless we're cruising around in dropships, vehicles would be great to have.

    I kind of think the terrain in Firefall made them less liked. Personally, I ended up gliding half the time because driving a vehicle was just irritating because of the terrain.
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  4. ARES Five-Five

    ARES Five-Five New Member

    Jump jets did have some cool moments throughout some of the "new" story missions (think less than a year old), but I do seriously LOVE it when design places an emphasis on "verticality".
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  5. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    I'd guess that when humans split off into the 28 groups, some evolved because of their environments.
    Yes, like tribes :D

    Oh, jump jets are a good thing to have, it will come down to level design and as you put it, verticality.

    Oh, the THMPR is a mining vehicle that's on the poster for Ember :)

    Biggest issues for vehicles are the size of the terrain to drive around on a road, in parts FF failed the road driving test but made for some awesome airpoints, maybe roads could be cleaned up and less organic and jumps put in.

    There's going to be a type similar to the Chosen, but as Mark put it, 500% better and with deeper creepier voices :)
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  6. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Well, the "Toxic atmosphere" sounds pretty much like Sanctum (2) to me. So i would suggest some kind of gloves (like the guardian gloves from Sanctum) to wield our heavy arsenal, and they could have some extra functions like the Holopad or what it was back then in FF. xD

    - stabilisation of weapons
    - Interaction interface (inventory etc.)
    - communications, voice or chat
    |-Enter suggestions here-|
    And the gloves don't need to be so f***cking fat like in Sanctum2 O.O, they can be as small as in Sanctum or even smaller, but just the idea as mechanicle exosceleton enhancement or something like that ^^
    We have to wield the huge gatling again ain't we? And the exosceleton of the dreadnaught were, meh...
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  7. Angel McWalsoft

    Angel McWalsoft Firstclaimer

    With a "toxic" environment, would water still cool your jets?

    What about Jets? the big air was one of the things that made FF so much fun for me and the hard landings that go with it. learning to control how much thrust to us up to have enough to come down and not be all dead and whatnot.

    What will resource gathering look like? Tons of pissed off bugs that require more and more turrets as you drill deeper and deeper. The most sot after materials had the nastiest bugs, but that material was needed to make some of the best gear. With enough turrets azurite could be thumped safely and one needed only focus on the boss ( i only bring up azurite, because it was the most difficult to find and mine, or maybe that was just me).

    How hazardous are the indigenous creatures?

    Back to gear, How oversized is our suit going to be?

    Are we paying for progression like we weren't supposed to in FF? pay real money to get the Top Gear.

    Sorry lots of questions. not sure they fit into the tread.
  8. ARES Five-Five

    ARES Five-Five New Member

    Right now, I'm thinking of big guns (I like to think big), be they like miniguns or planet-busting missiles/lasers. And I'm thinking of dangerous indigenous wildlife, some are just pests, while others could make even endgame players tremble or cringe. As for dealing with them, we'd probably use anything from power armor to giant mechs to the aforementioned planet-busting toys. :D
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  9. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    I believe that random nature of jet flight is apart of what is intended.

    The meta for resource gathering will be like around 1.0 but the mining zone will need a generator that creates a breathable atmosphere so mobs will arrive to your location the more you gather the more intense it will become but the amount of resources collected will be higher as well.

    I think a style akin to the udon art, bit a bit more motocycle edgy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The game will be game client purchase with ingame cosmetics. I'd also assume there's going to be a marketplace for resources, player store items and such. I think you're the first to ask these things, so really it's at the 0.5% stage of development! But the evolution of the game will unfold.
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  10. OhNoDomo!

    OhNoDomo! Member

    Yah, I think right now we're in a "Can I Haz" rather than a "What u haz" situation. All of the suggestions, feedback, and even story posted here likely will become property of Crixia/Ember as soon as it's posted unless it belongs to something else. This means anything we ask for has a chance of showing up in the game if Grummz & Team like it enough. =)

    So keep those suggestions rolling in the other sections!

    Here though, we should discuss lore! Although there isn't much to discuss. I do dig @NanoTechnician 's story thus far though. Has that old FF feel without being a copy.
  11. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    These are transcripts from Mark in the Discord chat, people kept asking the same things so it was easier to post it here.
    Anything beyond the first post is a talk about areas that other posters have thought of and also that I may of noticed in the discord chat.

    Also, this section is about Crixa & Ember and since Ember is the game and not the TTRPG.
  12. OhNoDomo!

    OhNoDomo! Member

    Awesome! I was referencing the other thread as far as story goes, sorry if that wasn't more clear. =)
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  13. ARES Five-Five

    ARES Five-Five New Member

    I was planning on writing a short story about investigating an abandoned space station. ;)

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