Em8er pace


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I am curious there are alot of games with fast paced style of play will this cater to slow pace too?

Fast paced:
- Much button mashing perhaps
- Lots of action / risk
- Reaction
- Challenging

Slow paced:
- Less button mashing perhaps
- paced action /tactical
- Reaction sometimes
- some challenging

I hope there will be various of ways to tackle the game because usually in warframe as a slow poke everyone would rush and attempt to finish the mission forcing a timer to appear which makes me want to stay longer thankfully as ivara then they can all become incapacitated and walk to the end and wait for the timer to end

So this makes me wonder when we team up is there an option to team up with fast players or casual players before joining a public lobby of some kind.

That way you can team up with folks who play at your pace and not have to rush i don't mind rushing if the purpose was to get to A- B before someone could die or to finish a race etc etc

like in warframe a little notification reminding to rest after some time, its important too keep in good health and look after ourselves.


Omega Founder
Nov 13, 2018
I was kinda thinking about this but from a different perspective.. Grummz just gave us the new updated THMPR plan where the longer you thump, that's where the rarest items pop up. I wonder how this will effect solo Thumping vs group thumping?
As to the pace.. I always revert to Beta FF. The pace was perfect whether thumping alone or in a group. There was just enough enemies to keep me on the edge of loosing the load..
Now the pace of ssy DOOM, I like but I get burnt out quickly..


Aug 14, 2016
There needs to be flow of the speed of the game where there is a back and forth between you and the enemies. You need to be able to force the enemies into doing things just as much as they are able to force you into do things. And this where games like the original Deus Ex and the like really shine. Because in the original Deus Ex you can play it really slow by talking to everyone for clues and other info, trying to get them join you rather than fight you, never setting off alarms, and so forth. You can bet the whole game without killing anyone and even saving a few people. Or you could run in guns a blazing killing everything in our path, friend and foe alike, being hated by everyone that you have not killed yet. And this worked because there was things the player could do to effect enemy actions and reactions to things. Like if I shoot the radio out of a the enemy's hand they couldn't call for backup. Or lure them into an area by setting off a false alarm then locking them out of area I want to go to. And you get the idea. The key is you have a lots of different ways you can interact with enemies and given them different personality types.

For example, if the player can't have infinite ammo than they enemy can't have infinite ammo. And have some enemies try to charge and melee the players when they run low on ammo, some enemies will try to save ammo and bait the player, some enemies might try to run away until they can find backup or more ammo, or some enemies might even share ammo with each other. Because now not only do you have to be thinking about your ammo count while in a fight but also about the enemy's ammo count. I find games that do this to be really fun. Because it means I can beat NPCs into wasting ammo and watch them panic when they run out while I still have a full mag with their names on it.