Em8er Ingame Bonus Events for Infrequent Players


Omni Ace
Jul 27, 2016
California, CA
MMO's typically offer weekend events such as double exp, double resource, double crafting, ect. These events are aimed to boost player participation and perceptions towards a game. Though it is assumed players are able to schedule their IRL calendars around ingame events I propose discussion for those players who have less control over their calendars.

I suggest a modification, an upgrade, to the typical "WEEKEND" keyword for events. Weekend events can of course stay as normal, there's no reason to remove weekends, but perhaps they can be upgraded to encompass players who can not play on weekends.

During chief chats Grummz talks about taking any negative aspect of games and putting a positive spin to them. Therefore in response I suggest for the people who never have weekends available, a positive spin would be to change how typical Weekend events transpire.

Events that are similar to Double Exp for the Weekend, could be modified to also include a double meter that persists all week long for players who did not participate or receive a set minimum gain during the weekend event. This double meter would function similar to MMOs rewarding bonuses to players for being offline for extended periods of time. Perhaps a capped minimum meter related to the Weekend events could be applied to all players if they don't meet a minimum gain during the Weekend. After 7 days the meter will be removed regardless if the player reached the minimum or not.

And to add on to the inclusion, I would also suggest bonuses to players who help and group with those players with the event meters. Players who consumed their Weekend Event goals will be incentivized to group with the extended event players thus encouraging a gameplay experience more closely similar to the actual weekend event bonanza.

+Player population/participate will still increase on the weekend because there will not be a cap during the weekend event
+Offering a week long minimum gain meter would be inclusive to players who can not participate on the weekend
+Players will who qualify for the extended event meter will perceive a minimum goal; a casual reason to log in and play for awhile

-Players are not as highly compelled to play during the normal weekend period
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